The Cyberlings are like the Dazzlings but with techno-organics.


The Cyberlings is at a café when Mal was doing what the Dazzlings do in the Rainbow Rocks movie. When Equestrian Magic has popped up in the human world, Mal plans to make the inhabitants of this world adore him. He heads to Canterlot High with his friends follow him. Later, Mal and the Cyberlings are shown around the school by Gwen. Evil Ryan fascinated by the Musical showcase. Mal and the Cyberlings convince the students to turn the showcase into a battle of the bands. As the students argue, Mal and the Cyberlings absorbs their negative energy into their gem pendants. The Total Dramas saw what happened and to the principles they have fallen under their spell. Later, they tell Gwen and her friends that they are Equestrian Sirens. And Evil Ryan tells the story of how they follow Mal from Equestria. Meanwhile, Mal takes the stage and sings Under My Spell after that they take to the stage and sing Under Our Spell which both they and Mal absorb the negative energy. And the Cyberlings took the energy when Mal's pendant gets broken. The Cyberlings met the Dark Stars before the Friendship Games starts. Radne became Bertram's girlfriend and Evil Ryan became Agalope's boyfriend. Later, the Cyberlings help the Steambooms to defeat the Diesel Trio when they turn the musical showcase into a Battle of the Bands. They help Timothy to keep the magic under control when the Friendship Games were about to start after a rally and Ryan, Crash, Matau and the Dazzlings arrive. They find Thomas (EG) and Sci-Ryan to have found that something was happening at CHS and they wanted Thomas to find out what is he doing.

Evil Ryan

Evil Ryan in his EG form

Evil Ryan, the Cyberlings' leader.

Bertram T. Monkey

Bertram T. Monkey (Human Form)

Bertram T. Monkey (Human form)

Bertram T. Monkey is Matau's twin brother

Evil Anna



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