This is how the Cyberlings finds the Dark Stars and the band name goes in Ryan's and Crash's Sports Adventure.

Evil Ryan: Now. Where could those girls be? [coughs] Finding them here is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Evil Anna: Yes. Ryan did notice the gems on their foreheads.

Bertram T. Monkey: Have the Dazzlings ever steer us wrong? Don't answer that. I kinda like the girl with the green hair.

Evil Ryan: I think these girls are not from Okoto, but from Equestria.

[The Cyberlings saw the Dark Stars doing their homework]

Bertram T. Monkey: Hi, girls.

Radne: Hello.

Evil Ryan: Doing some equations, eh? Rigby is an expert of this.

[Radne suddenly loses her temper]

Bertram T. Monkey: Uh oh. [covers his ears]


Evil Ryan: OW! My ears!

Agalope: [in mind] Our name should be...

Evil Anna: Look. If you three pretend to be students and want anyone like Ryan to know that you're mermaids, you must act and do, like, what other students do.

Piscis: That's very good advice, Evil Anna.

Radne: Besides, what kind of fool could solve an equation as difficult as it is?

Bertram T. Monkey: I agree. It looks so hard if you ask me, Radne.

Piscis: Are you kidding? This is very easy, I finished it in half a minute.

[Radne and Bertram look shocked]

Evil Ryan: She's good.

Evil Anna: [in Honey Lemon's voice] I know, right?

Agalope: [in mind] It should be something great.

Bertram T. Monkey: Something tells me that Piscis have created the theory of a relativity pony, Radne.

Rande: You and me both, chap. [kisses Bertram on the cheek]

Piscis: Agalope! Do you have problems with your equations? Can I help?

Evil Ryan: What are you thinking Agalope?

Agalope: I was thinking a name for us, Evil Ryan. What band are you in?

Evil Ryan: I'm the leader of the Cyberlings.

Agalope: Cool.

Piscis: True. The teams need a name for the competition.

Radne: [in mind] What happened to the ink?

Agalope: Princess Twilight's and Crash Bandicoot's suspicion of us, if we present ourselves as the Mermaids, they will discover our plans.

Piscis: You're right. Our magic is not affecting them.

Evil Anna: How did you know about Twilight and Crash, Agalope?

Agalope: Adagio told me. Anyway. That's because we must put an awesome name to us to show our greatness.

Bertram T. Monkey: What's wrong, Radne?

Radne: I think I have no ink. Can you fix it?

[Bertram nods]

Agalope: It could be something like the Nereids, the Ondines, Naiads or Selkies.

Piscis: That sounds suspicious too. It is best not to use the names of other sea creatures.

Agalope: So, how about the Sirins?

Evil Ryan: Nah. That's wrong.

Bertram T. Monkey: Come on! Work you silly pen![shakes the pen in anger]

[Bertram then sprays ink at Agalope's face]

Bertram T. Monkey: Oopsie.

[Evil Anna and Piscis look at Bertram calmly]

Agalope: Hey! Be careful. You've dirtied my beautiful face!

Bertram T. Monkey: Sorry. My bad.

Piscis: Bertram. The equations are solved with love, not anger.

Radne: Looks like someone has a habit of solving them with frustration like me.

Evil Anna: Yeah. At least your pen is working again.

[Agalope is cleaning her face with her magic when she notices something]

Agalope: [in mind] A black star? Hmmm.. a dark star.

Evil Ryan: Bertram. I think you would do the test called "Paint your pain". By which Sci-Ryan would paint Flash Fire's pain.

Piscis: Bertram, you and Radne needs to control your and her temper.

Bertram T. Monkey: You're right. Sci-Ryan would bet that Flash Fire is behind every kitten stuck up a tree.

Evil Ryan: The fiend. Why can't he leave kitty cats out of his own plans?

Evil Anna: All I know is my boyfriend and I don't trust him. But, we can trust? These three girls.

[Bertram and Evil Ryan nods]

Agalope: [in mind] That's perfect.

Radne: Piscis. I think I love Bertram.

Agalope: Sisters and Cyberlings. I've found a perfect name.

Evil Ryan: What is that?

Agalope: Our team name will be.... Christmas!

The Cyberlings: WHAT!?

Agalope: Just kidding.

Evil Ryan: Phew. What bandname is that?

Agalope: Our name is the Dark Stars.

Radne: That sounds very powerful.

Bertram T. Monkey: It's so cool and original.

Piscis: It sounds witty.

Evil Anna: Awesome!

Agalope: It sounds beautiful.

Evil Ryan: So dazzling.

Piscis: Canterlot High.

Radne: Equestria.

Evil Ryan: Our enemy Flash Fire.

Agalope: Crash Bandicoot and Princess Twilight. Get ready because the mermaids from the Dark Stars soon have Ryan as our mer-master and have everyone adore us.

Evil Anna: We can tell Ryan about this. Flash Fire will be beaten by the Cyberlings.

Bertram T. Monkey: And Flash Fire's plans to rule Equestria, this world and Cybertron is never going to be the same again! [laughs]

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