Here is how The Dark Armies preparing for battle and The Leaders Council goes in Yuna and the Battle of the Ten Armies.

As the Dark Armies prepare to battle.

Shan-Yu: The time has come to prepare for battle. Orionis will be ours for the taking.

Metal Beak/Kludd: And revenge will be ours.

Nyra: It's time we gather the Orcs, Goblins, Uruk-Hai and Trolls for our battle.

Metal Beak/Kludd: To war!

The Dark Armies: (yells)

Meanwhile in Orionis.

Princess Luna: Friends. We're are to discuss the matter of the dark army of three who try to kill all in their path.

Optimus Primal: We'll fight against the Dark Armies.

Boron: We didn't help Prince Thomas against Malefor. Due to his size.

Barran: But Princess Yuna has given us hope to us Owls of Ga'Hoole.

Titanic: Which is exactly why it's never too late to stand up for ourselves.

Dain Ironfoot: Well said, Titanic. I've spend years ruling Erebor after the death of my cousin.

Thranduil: Tauriel once thought me of love that I was too bind to see how much I loved my son, Legoals.

Aragorn: The Warriors of Gondor will stand and fight.

Eomer: So will the people of Rohan.

Princess Celestia: Together, We will succeed this battle.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (fusses over their mother)

Princess Celestia: Easy, Little Ones. Easy.

Prince Isamu: (fusses over his mother)

Princess Luna: Now, Now, Isamu.

King Fergus: Hiccup brought us here because of Star Swirl and the wizards.

Lord Macintosh: We'll show those Huns what not to mess with.

Lord MacGuffin: They won't know what beats them.

Lord Dingwall: Aye, And we'll work together today.

Hiccup: A chief protect his people. I'm doing what I must and not to make the same mistake with Drago Bludvist.

Olympic: I for one am meant to protect my own subjects.

Britannic: As am I.

Spyro: Cynder and I are meant to lead the other Dragons who protect man kind.

Cynder: We must stop Shan-Yu, Nyra and Metal Beak at once.

Whirlwind: And win this battle.

Terrafin: And show them what team work's really about.

Eruptor: Show our courage.

Stealth Elf: Lead this fight.

Trigger Happy: Help those in trouble.

Chop Chop: Prevail over evil.

Gill Grunt: And save Equestria.

Spyro: So, who's with us?

Optimus Primal: I am!

Dain Ironfoot: So are we!

King Fergus: Same for us!

Boron: We will fight!

King Solar Flare: Then it's decided.

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