The Dark Ones are the Fantasy Adventure Team's most powerful enemies they have ever faced. Throughout the series, the team learn more of their origins and their evil purposes and later meet up with them one by one.


After his banishment from the world of Azeroth, Neltharion (now goes by the name Deathwing) arrives on the Moon Kingdom seeking his service to the Moon Princess Selena, but the Sun Prince Helios prohobits him from ever coming near the palace. Maleficent was a mage's apprentice and a friend of Selena at the time, but due to her recent study of dark magic, she and Deathwing were thrown in a dungeon. They have fallen in love after Deathwing convinced the now-corrupt Maleficent to join him and take over the Moon Kingdom, which they are now known as the Dark Ones. The allies who were with them during the invasion are the Banshee, the Dark Trio, and Madam Mim, but they all have been separated by the spell Lion Spirit Mediation.

Jafar is (so far) the only Ally made in the aftermath of the Dark Ones' banishment. He decided to work with Deathwing so they had more power to take over Agrabah and for Deathwing to entrap King Samson and Queen Jaina, Leo's parents for a fate worse than death. But after their defeat, Jafar is trapped inside the lamp along with Iago and Deathwing fell to his demise by Leo's Lionheart Sword.

Madam Mim is Maleficent's half-sister, but their family history is currently unknown.

Xellos shows to have more knowledge about the Dark Ones, which comes in handy for the Fantasy Adventure Team, but they are uncertain if Xellos sided with the Dark Ones before or if he is their enemy.


Allies of the Dark Ones


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