This is how the Dark Stars' reformation goes in Ryan's and Crash's Sports Adventure.

Crash Bandicoot: [groans] Ryan? You ok?

Solo Songnote: Yeah.

Evil Ryan: What happened to you, Ryan? What kind of magic those mermaids have?

Solo Songnote: You already know.

Meg Griffin: You look cool, Ryan. What Dark Star name did you call yourself?

Solo Songnote: Solo Songnote.

Evil Anna: Uhhh, Ryan? I think the Dark Stars survived the blast of light.

Solo Songnote: Thanks. [to the Dark Stars] You three will never rule Equestria. We saved the games with my friends. And now, you three have really showed them what you truly are. You three showed them what is in you heart and your sisters.

Agalope: [sniffs] I... I mean... We're sorry. We are very sorry. How do we know that there's another way.

Solo Songnote: The Magic of Friendship is everywhere in all worlds, girls. [points to Cody] This boy showed me that I'm still Ryan in my heart. You three can join me and seek out friendship, or you can be alone forever. The decision is yours.

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