Here is how close Yuna and her friends get to Armageddor in Yuna and the Return of the Princess.

At the Dark Tower, Yuna and her friends discovered Armageddor.

Princess Yuna: We did it. We made it to Armageddor.

Emerald: There are so many of them. We’ll never get through unseen.

Sméagol: (sees Chernabog) That's him! Chernabog! Must go now. Nothing for it now. Come on, To Mount Diablo.

The foals followed Smeagol to Armageddor and disguise themselves in armor.

Meanwhile, Star Swirl had to make council in the hall of Syracuse.

Star Swirl the Bearded: Yuna and her friends has passed beyond my sight. (He walks across the hall.) The darkness is deepening.

The Vikings, Turkeys, Atlawas and Mabu Defense Force were surprised.

Princess Luna: Chernabog must not have the Amulet.

Star Swirl the Bearded: It’s only a matter of time. He has suffered a defeat, yes, but behind the walls of Armageddor our enemy is regrouping.

Princess Sharon: We can retrieve victory to share and we can give Yuna her chance if we keep Chernabog fixed upon us. Keep him blind to all else that moves.

Princess Celestia: A diversion.

Sharon takes her stand and makes her speech, The others take the stand with her.

Princess Sharon: Who's with me?!

The Vikings, Soldiers of Syracuse, Turkey Warriors, Mabu Defense Force, Atlawas and the rest of the Righteous armies stand and agreed.

Reggie: Do you really think Chernabog won't suspect this trap?

Princess Sharon: I'll make sure of it.

Prince Isamu: (misses Yuna)

Princess Luna: Isamu's beginning to miss Yuna. Do what you must, Sharon.

So Sharon leads the armies to Armageddor.

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