The Darkness (X'aliber) is a demonic serpent monster, and true leader of the Villain Ledge, and the heroes revealed that The Darkness caused all of their enemies back to life.

Role in the Series

Since the Ancient Fariy Warriors destroy The Darkness (the vortex), two demonic serpents released when it's destroyed. During the final days of the Era of the Elite Guardians, The Darkness and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna fought each other weakening him for ten thousand years until Myko separated the princess from him. He thanked him for separating him by tricking him, the two princesses scolding him for what he have done, the Elite Guardians were turned on the sun and moon princess and being the influence of The Darkness. He said when the Harmonic Convergence begins, he will destroy them forever. However, Myko fight against The Darkness together with Celestia and Luna, the Harmonic Convergence was about to begin, Myko fused the magic to form a syphon to prison The Darkness.

Ten thousand years later, the Villain League has heard about The Darkness from long ago. So they destroyed the syphon and been freed from its long life prison. He have plans to overthrow Celestia and her sister and reanimate his army, and revive the Thrawl of Darkness to destroy Courage and Team Elita



  • He made his first appearrance in the proluge in Courage's Adventures of The Wizard of Oz.
  • According to the proluge, in the Harmonic Convergence a phenomenon of forces of darkness and light for the worlds fate will be the destruction of the world or the world's rebirth. Together Princess Celestia and Princess Luna faced him for a titanic struggle, until they used the Elements and defeated The Darkness and trapped him in the Harmonic Syphon. Until a thousand years later, The Darkness will soon return.
  • In Courage and Friends meet Sleeping Beauty, it is revealed The Darkness had armor like a humanoid, and his horse is a Broodbleeder.
  • He can also possess Ahsoka Tano, Raven, and Bumblebee during Courage and Friends says We're Back A Dinosaur Story, Courage and Friends in Alice in Wonderland, and Courage and Friends meets Aladdin.
  • His real wasn't revealed until Courage and Friends meets Doctor Strange, the Ancient One telling Courage about the warnigs of their history between Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker and him which was hinted later.


Courage's Adventures of The Wizarzd of Oz (Season 1 Team Elite Rises)

"At last, I am free!"

" it appears he has allied himself to those treacherous equines."

"And now, let me...reward you for all your service to me..."

"You will see, when the fall of the Jedi Council becomes a reality, my order shall rise again!"

Courage and Friends meet Wall-E

"Is this really the best Courage can choose to ally with him: a mere Core with a glitched mainframe?"

"My forces, go at once to Metro City and begin construction of a new super soldier to replace that imbecile Megamind. His usefulness to my plans has just ended."

Courage and Friends meet Megamind

"Megamind! You have failed me for the last time, Admiral..."

"(growls) I should have expected this course of action to occur from a failure like him."

"We must not delay any longer. Send our forces at once to the Pride Lands and bring me Princess Luna alive and unharmed. I have a special plan in mind for her..."

Courage and Friends in The Lion King

"Luna, I sense much anger within your heart. Is it the renmants of the Nightmare Forces' conversations with you, or is it something far more personal...?"

"Do you honestly believe for yourself that there is someone out there who truly loves you? You know it to be true, my dear. Then awaken the true power of the Nightmares, and realize your full potential!"

"My lady, Nightmare Moon, there is a small kingdom within the African Savannah that needs demolishing due to its rather stagnant existence. You know what to do..."


"What? This is impossible!"

"I refuse to believe such madness is occuring!"

"So, Team Elite is on their way over to Nottingham to seal the Keyhole, aren't they? In that case, I know a certain pawn of a prince who'll be perfect as a host for my power..."

Courage and Friends meet Robin Hood

"Greetings, Prince John of England."

"I am The Darkness."

"I require an orange-colored ring of great power. With it, comes a mystical lantern of the same color. Have your me bring both items to me, and I will supply you with all the riches of the world for your services."

"You have failed me, (sarcastically) my prinsssssse. Perhaps you are not as strong as my servants thought you to be."

"These excursions into worlds beneath my notice only serve to make Courage of a threat to me. But if he truly wishes to see me come to such lowly planets, then perhaps it is time to bring forth the greatest show on Earth to a whole new level, shall we?"

Courage and Friends meet Dumbo

"Why? Why would I allow dream powder to be mixed alongside the hard liquor-spiked water? Because it amused me."

"You disgust me."

"Enjoy your rest in the past, Team Elite, while...'it...'lasts..."

Courage and Friends Discovered Who Framed Roger Rabbit

"(Roars) We were so close! I had them in my grasp, but that fool of a Baron, Von Rotten, allowed himself to wrecklessly attempt to kill them himself in order to finish off a past greivance. And now because of him, my plans are set back even further."

"This calls for a change in plans. Now we shall simply have to destroy them by force of war!"

"To the elite commanders of DOOM, Team Elite has time-traveled to your time period of 1943 in an attempt to erase the creation of my shocktroopers in the present era. Stop them before they complete their mission at all costs!"

"Von Talon, your services are required at this very moment. Today...we go to war..."

Courage and Friends meet Valiant


"Professor Screweyes, the talents of your twisted circus folk will all be needed for what I have in store for those pathetic heroes next..."

Courage and Friends We're Back: A Dinosaur Story

"Ahsoka Tano of Shili, heed my call to arms."

"Obey the will of my associate and allow yourself to bring forth the end of all who dare to interfere with my plans!"

"Very well then."

"What are you waiting for, a gold-plated invitation? Destroy them!"

"Stop, don't listen to them! They are lying! They never loved you! Do you honestly believe their pack of lies now after all I have done for you?!"

"Nooooo!!! I was so close!!"

"Alas, my attempt to control a powerful Jedi Knight has ended in failure. But I will not yield to them yet. The prophecy I carved out in the Heart of Atlantis will soon be fulfilled sooner than they expect..."

Courage and Friends Found Atlantis: The Lost Empire

"It is foretold, that when the rage and ferocity of a repeated army reaches its climax, a shining beacon of light will shine no longer in the face of adversity. With the blotting of this bright star, an order will tear itself apart, and a new age will rise from its ashes. Reverse the times to what they were once before, the fading of light will commence when the winged queens-to-be vanish without a trace." (Propercy The Darkness V/O)

"The loss of the lost city has not been unexpected, captain. Courage's skills have grown to their full potential. But let us test their capabilities to the fullest when they are confronted by a land dictated by the abandonment of sanity to madness."

"And you, my old friend, will meet them at the front to show them all just how much Raven means to us..."

Courage and Friends in Alice in Wonderland

"Cora, you imbecile! I thought I ordered you to send out your most illogical traps to challenge the Team Elite!"

"The point is, your higness, that you are nothing more but a fool, just like that simpering feline!"


"I was willing to give you and the other failures I call my servants one last chance in redeeming yourselves after that insipid daughter of yours joined Celestia's band of buffoons."

"But now that you have failed me for the last time, I'm afraid you are no longer of any use to me..."

"(Growls) This bickering is pointless. The prophecy must be realized before the convergence of the cosmos on Saturn's Eve. Mephiles, you know what must be done..."

Courage and Friends goes to Monsters Inc.

"(Roars angrily) IDIOTS!!"

"It does not matter, not anymore, at least. The convergence of Saturn's Eve is almost upon us. We move to the endgame tomorrow at once!"

Courage and Friends in Star Wars: Episode III The Revenge of the Sith (Season 1 Finale)

"Darth Sidious, the end of the war is nigh. The new apprentice you've always been wishing for is almost ready to emerge from the cocoon of justice he foolishly still tries to believe in."

"He comes now. You know what to do."

"So, you have been busy in my brief absence. With Master Windu out of the picture, allow me to end this charade and bring about the birth of Lord Vader."

"Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker of Tatooine, you no longer exist as a man of light. Let the cocoon of virtue melt away to reveal the true darkness from within, and rise as my ultimate vessel through which shall be the ark that sustains me!!!"

"All units, execute Order 66 as your new emperor commands. Destroy the Jedi Order, destroy all resistance, destroy the Team Elite, and above all, destroy those cowardly princesses-in-name-only and make them pay for what they did to my beloved homeworld!!!"

"You're still alive?! Impossible! Not that it matters anyway! With my new vessel, Lord Vader, in activation, my power has increased a hundred fold, and there is no stopping my plans this time!"

"It's too late, dearie, I control this body formerly known as your master now..."

"Yessss...the lies I have sown have now sprouted into a full bloom of malice-laced histriony and ignorance! The mind-control I hold over Padme has allowed me to execute her while she is still weak and timid, so unlike her brave and confident true self."

"With the blueprints of the dark core now recovered after all these years, the rebirth of my homeworld will soon become a luscious reality."

The New Trainbot in Town

"You cannot defeat me! I may have been defeated once or twice, but I still have enough power to destroy you!"

"Ha, ha, ha! You may have become a Prime but now that I have complete control over these three Autobots, you don't stand a chance, OpThomas Prime!"

"What are you doing?! Wait, stop! ARGH!!!!!!"

"General Cryptor, do as your new leader commands. Track down the energy signal and find that Amulet! Meanwhile, I will find the source of the new Train Prime."