This is how The Darkopolypse ritual begins goes in

Starlight Glimmer: Quick, hide the Daemon Ritus.

[Starlight and Fluttershy hide the Daemon Ritus]

[Thomas wakes up with the footsoldier beside him]

Umarak the Hunter: And now, behold, the sacrifice.

[The foot soldiers send in Princess Celestia]

Princess Celestia: Let me go.

Thomas: Princess.

Princess Celestia: Thomas?

Thomas: Celestia, what's going on?

Princess Celestia: I'm going to be a sacrifice.

Thomas: A sacrifice?

Princess Celestia: Yes.

Thomas: That's bad news. We gotta get you out of here. On the count of three, we'll run for it.

[Before they get to run, the pincer enters Celestia's body and grabs her protoplasm]

Thomas: Celestia!

[The pincer pulls Celestia's soul out of her body]

Princess Celestia's soul: No!


Umarak the Destroyer: Come back here!

[Nurse Redheart appears]

Nurse Redheart: Thomas.

[Nurse Redheart grabs

Thomas: Oh boy.

Princess Celestia: Told you so.

[Nurse Redheart blows out green smoke]

Umarak the Destroyer: Give me the Alicorn.

[Nurse Redheart

Princess Celestia:

[Umarak the Destroyer

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