This is when Tino Tonitini and Sunset Shimmer’s date begins in Tino and the Real Girl.

[Cut to Canterlot Mall]

Pinkie Pie: You can do this, Tino!

[Fluttershy gives him water]

Pinkie Pie: Just remember what your love crew taught you. How does she look?

Tino: Nice!

Pinkie Pie: What are her stories?

Tino: Interesting!

Pinkie Pie: And who's going to pay for dinner?

Tino: Me!

Twilight Sparkle: Now, DATE! (blows her whistle)

Tino: (Runs off, yelling)

Fluttershy: They grow up so fast.

[Cut to Jack’s Awesome Palace's entrance.]

Sunset Shimmer: (Rubbing her leg with the other) Itchy legs, itchy legs-- Oh, hi Tino!

Tino: Sunset Shimmer! Are you ready for a (Looks at hand) date with (Looks at other hand) me?

Sunset Shimmer: (Laughs) I totally am.

[Cut to Twilight and the others]

Rainbow Dash: You think that Tino had already broke up with Tiffany.

Twilight Sparkle: Get real, Rainbow Dash! Tiffany is not real!!

Peter Pan: We better keep an eye out for Tiffany, to make sure that she doesn’t ruin Tino’s date with Sunset Shimmer.

Rarity: You’re right Peter.

Lor: Let’s go!

(They went inside)

[Cut to inside Jack’s Awesome Palace's. Sunset Shimmer and Tino are at a table.]

Sunset Shimmer: Man, I could go for some two single hamburgers right now.

Tino: I could go for two double bacon hamburgers with fries. (Laughs) Oh, one time I was so hungry, I ate the decorational bamboo at a Chinese restraurant. (Sings) Like a big old panda!

Sunset Shimmer: (Laughs) You're hilarious.

Tino: (Laughs) Yeah, well, you know, I just sorta say whatever pops into my, uh... (Looks at video game behind Sunset Shimmer, and Tiffany is on the screen)

Tiffany: (Makes subtitles appear, reading, "You paused me?")

Tino: (Spits out water onto Sunset Shimmer and coughs)

Sunset Shimmer: Tino, are you okay?

Tino: No! I'm, uh, fine! Everything's fine.

Sunset Shimmer: You sure? You're spitting an awful lot.

Tiffany: (On three screens makes subtitles appear reading, "You left me for her?" followed by an ex-ed out image of Sunset Shimmer's face)

Tino: (Sweating) Uh, can you sit tight? I have to go to the bathroom for a long time. Not in a weird way. (Runs off too Twilight and the others, who are hiding behind a pizza box)

Peter Pan: Tino, what are you doing out there?

Tino: I've got a big problem, guys. I'm being stalked by Tiffany!

Twilight and the others: Tiffany?

Tino: I was never doubt about it.

Twilight Sparkle: Tino, get a grip on yourself. Tiffany can't stalk you because she's not real!

[Tiffany has a very close close-up on the three screens. From the screen's inside, it shows that Tino is the target, and Twilight and the others are the enemies.]

Tish: Uh-oh.

Twilight Sparkle: Take it from someone who brought an arcade game to life, this will not end well.

Tino: Don't worry. I'm pretty sure she's stuck on TV screens.

[Tiffany is seen traveling across game screens and stops at "Fight Fighters."]

Rumble McSkirmish: Ha! A new challenger approaches! Prepare to be- dah!!! (Gets shocked by Giffany, whose lightning reaches the stage)

Tino: Oh, boy.

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