The Day the Griffin's Came Part 1 is first episode of the second season in The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


In a colony, the Griffin family came to the Equestrians, seeking help from Princess Celestia to rebuild their homeland and restore peace to them. Till, their leader Brian discovers they are friends with the dragons, he plans to kill Nightstar first before Thanksgiving till, the Fire Drake: Smaug awakens.


Dragon racing/Enter Brian Griffin

In the Isle of Berk, the Dragon Riders are racing with the Equestrians after Fishlegs and Meatlug won, Skyla wonders if someone is killing dragons. Meanwhile, somewhere in the ruins of Quahog, Brian leader of the resistance and his Pokemon: Swampert, Metagross, Herracross, Crawdaunt, Clawitzer, and Throh are fighting and killing dragons. And Brian claims that the Equestrians are the only beings that can help them. So they set off for Equestria.

Arrival at Equestria/Talking to the royals

It took a while but they soon made it to Equestria, and Brian goes in. He then shares to the royals that his hometown; Quahog was destroyed by Smaug the Fire Drake from the North. And one of the guards see an Orcrist sword and Sharon asks where did he get it, Brian said it was a present from the Elves of Mirkwood. And he also added that Quahog was at war with Ernie, the Giant Chicken and he began by beheading his father, enraged he charged but was brought down and Brian slashes his legs wounding him, and he was a leader and charged and their enemy was defeated. But even after that, their town as incinerated by Smaug and dragons came there ever since. But Celestia wasn't sure about rebuilding their homeland. Then, Elsa asks Vinny and he asks for help from the Equestrians. And after that, he immediately falls in love with her.

Setting back/Meeting Yuna

Soon Brian and the others get ready to head back then Lois sees Yuna and states she's so cute. Peter thinks they should stay for a while. Brian say's it's okay.

Discovering Nightstar

Later, Brian notices Yuna leaving the castle with a basket full of fish. Curious, he follows close behind and he discovers Nightstar and uses Swampert to catch him and has better use. Then, later he tells the Quahog survivors that Nightstar will die tomorrow on Thanksgiving day!




  1. Evil Monkey Song - Chris Griffin

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