The Day the Griffin's Came Part 2 is second episode of the second season in The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


Previously: on "The Day the Griffin's Came", Brian Griffin discovers Nightstar and plans to kill her tomorrow. But unknown to anyone, Smaug is heading for Equestria!


Brian's argument

Brian angrily states that Princess Celestia did had dragons. And never told him, but what he's really angry about is the fact they have a Night Fury. And claims she's a traitors princess. Meanwhile, Smaug is heading to Equestria.

Savages!/Smaug attacks!

The Quahog survivors cheer for Nightstar's death [Metagross is using psychic to prevent Yuna from stopping] as the song "Savages" plays. But then something flies out of the sky and fires Canterlot. And it was Smaug! Brian then sees him and then charges at him but Smaug tail whips him. And prepares to eat him when the dragons and the Pokemon attack him. Vinny gives him a black arrow. And then Brian climbs to the highest top, and Smaug nearly kills Yuna, Nightstar, and his Pokemon when he fires the arrow in his mark.

Next morning/Quahog reborn

When the sun rose, Smaug's corpse remains in the Everfree forest. And together, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Solar Flare, and Sharon restored peace in Quahog and made a border to it and to Equestria. And everyone makes Brian: King of Quahog, and everyone is happy once more.




  1. Savages

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