The Death of the Sun Princess is a movie


When the alternate versions of Celestia, Luna, Thomas, Crash, Matau, Twilight and thier friends appear, Celestia is killed and Luna feels so awful that she plots to kill the ones that took her sister. But little does she know that Sailor John and Sunset Shimmer's evil clone plans to ressurect Celestia as a villain so that they can take over the worlds including Equestria. Now, it's up to Ryan, Crash and their friends to figure out what Evil Celestia's plan is and stop it before she puts it into action.


Percy discovers a hidden tablet spell

On Sodor, Percy is puffing along the rails, pulling the mail train. But the track gives way and he goes into a cavern where he saw a chamber with Luna's cutie mark on it. Percy suddenly finds a tablet with a picture of an alicorn with a horned crown on it. Percy wonders what the tablet could tell him but Princess Luna informs that the tablet is not to be read. Ryan said it's bad and don't want to read it and asks Luna how to speak using the royal Canterlot voice. As Luna takes Ryan to teach him how, Percy is still staring at the tablet and leaves it.


  • will be good guest stars in this film.
  • will work for


  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Help Me, Help You
  • The Mad Doctor Isn't Mad
  • Celestia's Balled
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Under Our Spell
  • This Day Aria
  • Unleash The Magic
  • The Fall of Prescott


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