This is how The Decepticons discover the Omega Lock goes in Regeneration.

[Knock Out scans the keys]

Starscream: Tick tock, Knock Out. Tick tock! Megatron's expecting results, and given what we just witnessed, I would say that we cannot afford to disappoint our master.

Nightmare Moon: Hurry up!

Tempest Shadow: Come on!

Queen Chrysalis: We haven't got all day!

Knock Out: We? Unless nagging counts, I haven't seen Starscream lift a finger!

Starscream: My minions and I are the ones who brought him the keys. Do we really need to prove ourselves further by deciphering how they operate, too?

Nightmare Moon: Calm down, Starscream.

Tempest Shadow: We just need to be patient.

Queen Chrysalis: Just wait a little longer.

Knock Out: Well, perhaps if my research hadn't been sidelined by someone's cosmetic surgery, I might be further along right now!

[Starscream looks angry]

Starscream: Oh, just give it here!

[Starscream snatches it and tries to get it to work]

[He bangs it against the table]

Knock Out: (sarcastically) Oh, gee. Why didn't I think of that?

[Starscream scrapes his chest in anger]

[Knock Out gasps and growls]

[He picks up another key and lunges at Starscream]

[The keys seem to lock together]

Knock Out: Do you think?

[They pick up two more keys]

Knock Out: Ready go!

[The same thing happens and a projection of Cybertron appears]

Starscream: And that is why Dreadwing is pushing up lug nuts.

Knock Out: And we are not.

[Megatron arrives]

Megatron: Of course! Keys are useless without something to unlock. Target the Space Bridge for Cybertron.

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