The Deceptilings

The Deceptilings

The Deceptilings are the human versions of Starscream, Knock Out and Breakdown.


Starscream, Knock Out and Breakdown went to Canterlot High, thinking the magic there was their live source, Energon. They sang to the entire school with the new pendants that they made.

Starscream (EG)

Starscream (EG) is the leader of the Deceptilings. He is the human version of the Decepticon Starscream. He wears a pendant which he uses to feed on Energon. He lead the Deceptilings to CHS to feed on the magic which he thought was their live source Energon. He was the lead singer. He and his bandmates sang to the principles. They then sang to the students. And everyone started arguing. The more they argued, the more magic Starscream and his friends get. And the stronger their voices became. Later, they made the p

Knock Out (EG)

Breakdown (EG)



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