The Deceptitrain Comet is a movie to be made by Stuingtion in Thomas, Twilight, Brian Griffin, and friends' Amazing Escapades.


While studying, The Greaser Diesel find the Deceptitrains' Comet is gonna fly by real soon. Then also find that the Deceptitrains, along with are heading towards the comet. The Greaser Diesels share with the others that the comet is one of the Deceptitrains' source of high energy, and if they get the energy from the comet, they will become extremely powerful. Meanwhile, Breon continues to gain control of his feelings and physic powers, but this adventure may be the one that helps him find the inner power he missed. And what's more, Edward is once again being insulted for his old age, but after hearing about the comet, they spring into action. So now our heroes must fly to space and use the Sun's heat to destroy the comet before it passes the Sun's radius and the Deceptitrains get to it.




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