This is where the Deceptitrains capture our heroes and where Thomas' death goes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

Human Applejack: Okay, would anyone please explain what in tarnation was that thang'?

Blythe: That thing you just saw back there is..

Blitzer: Chinook!

Blythe: No, not a Chinook. it is a an advanced...

Blitzer: No, I mean a Chinook Helicopter! Dead ahead!

Everyone: Whoa!

[the Terminator stops the bus, then a huge claw grabs the roof]

Dile: [growling in translation] "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"

Dusty: LOOK OUT!!

[a van then hits the bus as it's lifted, and Nyx is left dangling dangerously out the hole smashed by the T-1000]

Nyx: WHOA!!

Twilight: NYX!!

[The bus is then lifted up off the ground]

Nyx: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! AAAH!!

Pinkie: HELP!!

Nyx: Get me back in! Get me back in! I can't hang on forever! [her hoof starts slipping]

Twilight: No, NYX!!

Nyx: [loses her grip] AAH! [something grabs her]

Brian: [jumps to the back of the bus and grabs Nyx by her tail before she falls] NYX!! [then he starts slipping]

Vinny: [grabs Brian's feet] 

Blythe: [grabs Vinny's feet]

Human Rarity: [grabs Blythe's belt]

Human Fluttershy: [grabs Human Rarity's belt]

Human Rainbow: [hanging on human Fluttershy]

Twilgiht: HELP!! HELP!!

Ed: We're bein' abducted by aliens!

Clam: Aliens!

[Then they pull Nyx back in]

[the Chinook copter takes them to an old ship yard]

Tigger: Where's it taking us?!

Rabbit: An old ship yard!

Piglet: Oh de-d-d-dear!

[The chopper drops them]


[but the bus is caught by something, (or someone is more appropriate)]

Peter: What happened?!

Brian: We've been caught by something!

Blitzer: [looks out the window] Not something, someone!

[And then the being gently sets the bus on the ground]

Scootaloo: Okay, now what?

[a laser then cuts the bus in half]

Human Applejack: WHAT IN TARNATION?!

[Track-Arachnis appears]

Track-Arachnis: Fleshlings.

Patrick: [sees something] M-M-M-M-M-M.

Spongebob: What is it, Patrick?

Patrick: M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M! M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M!

Spongebob & Patrick: M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M! M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M! MEGATRAIN!!! AAAAAH!!!

Megatrain: Come here, Nyx.

Nyx: [does]

Megatrain: Closer, you remember me don't you?

Nyx: No, I don't know you. 

Megatrain: Shut up! [throws Nyx]


Twilight: Nyx!

Nyx: [lands on a table] Ah.. Ah..

Megatrain: [grabs her] Oh how I could rip your flesh. I'm gonna kill you, slowly, and painfully.

Evil Jimmy: Hey, doc.

Jimmy: Leaping Laptons! It's my evil clone!

Evil Jimmy: Long time, no see. Goddard, examine this young filly. But very carefully, we don't wanna harm any info she has.

Evil Goddard: [barks]

[Evil Goddard then goes up to the table and exams Nyx]

Evil Goddard: [takes out a tiny drone and it goes into her ear]

Nyx: Uh, that is so gross!

[The drone comes out]

[then the symbols are projected out through Nyx's horn]

Megatrain: Ah, there they are.

Nyx: The symbols I've been seeing in my head.

Megatrain: These symbols lead to the source.

Evil Goddard: [barking "We need her brain"]

Nyx: Brain? What is he talking about?!

Megatrain: There's something is your mind. Something we need.

Nyx: Really?

Princess Chaos: Yes. We must remove it!

Skyla: It's Chaos!

Nyx: I know you're angry, right.

Princess Chaos: [takes out her dagger] Normally I'd do this with hearts, but this is the only time, I may ever do a brain!

Nyx: NO! WAIT!

[Then Thomas and the engines came in]

Thomas: Get them all!

Nyx: [gets up and runs, then the Terminator grabs her]

Mike: Go, go, go!

Sully: Come on!

Thomas: [jumps up and fires at Megatrain then he takes out one of his shotguns and fires a big shot on his chest]

Megatrain: [flies out a window]

Thomas: Nyx!

[Thomas transforms, then the Terminator and Nyx hop on]

Mike: Go, go, go!

[Thomas then races away from the ship yard and then starts driving into a feild]

Nyx: He's coming!

Megatrain: [transforms and tackles Thomas]

Thomas: Hide, Nyx!

[the 2 tumble over and begin to battle]

Thomas: WEAK!! [throws a boulder at Megatrain] Puny! Waste of metal! [draws his energy sword] Scapeyard, junk!

Megatrain: Deceptitrains!

[Track-Archins and 2 more Deceptitrains arrive]

Track-Archins: Come here, foal!

Terminator: Go!

[They run while Track is chasing them, then Megatrain chases them]

Thomas: [jumps on Megatrain] Leave my adopted filly alone! [he then hurls Megatrain to the ground, then picks up Track-Archins and kicks her face]

Megatrain: There's another energon, hidden on this planet! The foal can lead us to it.

[then Megatrain kicks Thomas in the face]

Nyx: DAD!!!

Track-Archins: [bites him, then fires several shots at Thomas]

Megatrain: [fires his fusion shotgun, sending Thomas flying back a few feet]

Thomas: [groans]

Megatrain: Is the future of our race not worth a single foal life?

Nyx: Come on! Get up!

Thomas: You'll never stop at one! I'll take you all at one!

[Thomas battles all the Deceptitirains with all his might. He then stabs Megatrain in the leg and then his back, then punches him in the face. He then tears off Track-Archins' arm] [then he draws hook swords and drives them in one of the Deceptitrains' heads, and rips in half]

Thomas: Scrap tins. Nyx, where are you?!


[Megatrain then stabs Thomas]

Thomas: AAAH!! NO!!

Nyx: DAD!!!

Megatrain: You are so weak! [fires his fusion shotgun]


Nyx: Dad?

[Megatrain then pulls his sword out, and Thomas falls to the ground]

Ultratron: The last Train-Prime is dead.

Nyx: Dad!

Thomas: [barely alive] Nyx, get out of here while you can. [to the Terminator] Protect my daughter, keep her and Twilight safe for me.

Terminator: Affirmative.

Thomas: Nyx, I love you. [he then closes his eyes, and passes away]

[Then "Gandald Falls - from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" plays]

Nyx: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! [it echos]

Terminator: Come on! [picks up Nyx] [it echos]

Nyx: No! [it echos]

[The Terminator races away with the Deceptitrains on their tail]

[Then the others came up]

Piston Spark: Trainbots, attack! 

Shining Armor: Come on! Get in!

[the Terminator runs up and he and Nyx get in as the song continues, and it was quiet but all that is hearing is the song]

Percy: [drives away as the song continues]

[some of our heroes race away as the Deceptitrains flee]

Nyx: [looks back]

[song continues, but then stops]