This is how The Defeat of Venom goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Spider-Man 3.

[Ryan and Peter Parker get pinned by Venom]

Venom: Never wound what you can't kill.

Ryan F-Freeman: It's the suit. You and I wear it.

Eddie Brock: Yes.

Peter Parker: But, I know what it can do now.

Ryan F-Freeman: He's right. He knows what it can do. So do I. But, let me remove it from you.

Eddie Brock: I like being bad. It makes me happy.

Ryan F-Freeman: Not me. I like being a hero.

[Ryan's face Covers as Ryenom and Eddie's face covers into Venom. A disc hits Venom]

[Ryenom recovers]

Venom: [roars]

[Harry Osborn brings out spikes on his hoverboard]

Ryenom: Harry.

Evil Ryan: Ryan? What happened to you?

[Ryenom's mask uncovers to show Ryan's face]

Ryan F-Freeman: The Symbiote made me to what I am now.

[Harry flies at Venom but Venom grabs the Hoverboard and impales Harry]

Crash Bandicoot: Oooh. That's gonna need some stitches.

[Harry dies and Matau summons his Keyblade and trys to attack Venom but he knocks down some pipes that make a loud noise]

[Venom screams in pain and Ryenom remembers what happened in a flashback]

[In the fashback, Ryan bangs on the bell and recovers a bit of the Symbiote. Flashback ends]

Ryenom: Parker. The loud noise.

[Crash picks up two pipes and bangs them. Matau plants two pipes in front of Venom and Twilight does the same. Thomas plants more pipes and Evil Ryan bangs them]

Ryenom: [screams] It's working!

[Venom screams in pain and Ryenom recovers. Ryenom and Peter Parker use the webs to pull Eddie out of the Symbiote]

[The Symbiote gets bigger then Thomas whistles loud to weaken the Symbote. Ryenom picks up a bomb]

Eddie Brock: What are you doing?

Ryenom: What we do to villains. [throws the bomb at the Symbiote]

Eddie Brock: No!

[Eddie goes after the bomb]

Evil Ryan: Hurry! She's gonna blow!

[The bomb explodes and the Symbiote nor Eddie are nowhere to be seen]

[Ryenom sighs and goes to Twilight]

Ryenom: Twilight? You ok?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Ryan. What would Optimus say when he sees you like this? You think you can remove the suit?

Ryenom: Don't know. [his face uncovers to show Ryan's face] But I can feel you like Thomas as your boyfriend.

[Twilight nods]

[Sandman sees our heroes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Guys. I think he saw us.

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