The Digital Heroes Logo

The Digital Heroes are a student band that appears in the series Power Rangers Data Squad.

Band Members

  1. Robbie Diaz (Lead Vocals, Electric)
  2. Serena (Backup Vocals, Microphone)
  3. Mordecai (Backup Vocals, Bass)
  4. Sunset Shimmer (Backup Vocals, Guitar)
  5. Rigby (Electric Guitar)
  6. Yoshi (Backup Vocals, Keyboard)
  7. Amy Rose (Tambourine)
  8. Atticus Akito
  9. Zoe Batheart
  10. Starlight Glimmer (Backup Vocals, Keytar)
  11. Knuckles the Echidna (Backup Vocals, Drums)
  12. Periwinkle
  13. Coloratura (Piano)