(Taran, Littlefoot, Ash, Stan, Mickey, and their friends are in the castle crept pass the sleeping viking, then the mad dog scares them by barking.)

Ash and the gang: (screaming)

Zazu: (shouts)

Donald: (quacks in horror)

Genie: (screams)

Littlefoot and the gang: (screaming)

Cera: Great idea, hatchling!

Viking: Shut up, ya thick skulled dolt! Always barkin' at nothin'. Alright, might as well make our rounds.

(Taran accidently opens the door, and Littlefoot, Ash, Stan, Mickey, and the rest see the vikings celebrate at the dining hall.)

Mickey: What's going on down here?

Viking #1: Here's to everybody! More wine to drink for men.

Viking #2: And more women!

Viking #3: Quiet! I'm trying to sleep!

(A large, buxon gypsy woman dances to the vikings. Littlefoot, Ash, Stan, Mickey, and the others are watch her dance.)

Zazu: (in the background) Look down there.

Viking: Here!

Viking #6: Keep your hands off, you little creeper!

Viking #7: Going somewhere, creeper!

(The viking tripped the Creeper, and they laugh.)

Viking: Me love. And a day even smile on my face.

(The celebration stops, everyone stops dancing, and the wind blows and all turns into dark.)

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