This is where the foals discover the Isle of Berk in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

[The foals follow the passage way]

Snowdrop: Where does it go?

Skyla: I don't know.

[Then, when they reach the other end they take a look at the town.]

Yuna: Wow, it is a town!

Nyx: Look at it, just look at it!

Skyla: Hey, look what lived this town!

[they notice the town is inhabited by Vikings]

Yuna: They're Vikings! Real vikings!

Nyx: Amazing!

[then a dragon flies by]

Skyla: Whoa! There's dragons too!

Snowdrop: Their town must be under attack!

Yuna: Wait a minute, those dragons aren't fighting them. They're, interacting with them!

Nyx: Why?

Yuna: I'm not sure.

Skyla: Maybe they're like Spike.

Nyx: You never know.

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