This is how The Doctor finds Ryanset Shimmer and Ryanset travels to Cybertron goes in Thomas' and Crash's Train-Prime Discovery.

[In the TARDIS]

Rigby (EG): Wow! Check out those stars.

12th Doctor: Yeah but I kinda need your help with repairing the damaged cables.

Rigby (EG): Ok. My sister is working on the controls.

[Suddenly, a red dot appears on the radars]

Rigby (EG): Huh? That red dot spot us. You think it's dead?

12th Doctor: No.

Rigby (EG): Odette. You seeing this?

Odette: Yeah. And brother, in case you haven't heard, it's a Train-bot signal.

12th Doctor: Right you are, Odette.

Rigby (EG): I think this dot might be another Train-Prime.

12th Doctor: You're right, Rigby. We should go find the Train-Prime Ryan is curious about.

[Rigby (EG) nods and hums twice]

[They arrive at the forest. Rigby (EG) pulls out his Lightsaber in case if Rothbart is trying to get Odette]

12th Doctor: Why are you protecting your sister, Rigby?

Rigby (EG): Because I don't want Rothbart to have my sister and everything my father has, Doctor.

[Odette nods and both she and her brother saw a train that looks like Thomas but with Sunset's colors]

Rigby (EG): Oh look. It's Thomas.

Ryanset: Huh? A Time Lord, a raccoon human and the Swan Princess?

12th Doctor: Right you are, chap. I'm the Doctor and this is Rigby and his sister, Princess Odette.

Ryanset: You mean Odette has a...?

12th Doctor: Brother. Yes.

Ryanset: And he's a...?

12th Doctor: Yes.

Ryanset: [gasps and bows to Rigby (EG)] Your Majesty.

[Rigby (EG) is happy and blushed]

12th Doctor: What is your name?

Ryanset: Shimmer. Ryanset Shimmer.

[The 12th Doctor, Rigby (EG) and his sister gasps]

12th Doctor: So, you're the Train-Prime?

Ryanset: Yes. Where's my friend?

Rigby (EG): Friend name please.

Ryanset: OpThomas Prime.

Rigby (EG): Sorry he can't come. I think he's dead.

Ryanset: What?!

Rigby (EG): Just kidding.

[Ryanset sighs with relief]

Rigby (EG): Some people like my sister thought you and OpThomas were dead after Cybertron's destruction.

[Rigby (EG) and the 12th Doctor scans Ryanset with their Sonic Screwdrivers]

12th Doctor: You know, Ryanset. Rigby is angry at Rothbart for putting a spell on Odette.

Ryanset: Spell? What spell?

Odette: A swan transformation spell.

Rigby (EG): That's the same spell that he put on Ryan.

Ryanset: Ryan?

Odette: A friend of mine back in the Swan Princess film.

Rigby (EG): Yeah. Sci-Ryan gets kidnapped with my sister by Rothbart.

[Flashback. Sci-Ryan is in the Autobot car Bumblebee in Odette's world with Raf]

Sci-Ryan: Well that wedding is ruined.

Raf Esquivel: Tell me about it.

Sci-Ryan: Why would Derek want to marry Odette in the first place? I know Evil Anna is my girlfriend.

Raf Esquivel: Duh. The story's opening explains it.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah, Raf. I'll go talk to Odette and ask her what's the matter.

[Sci-Ryan gets out of Bee and goes into a carriage where Odette and her father are in]

Sci-Ryan: Hi, Odette. What's the matter?

[the carriage pulls away as Raf and Bee watch them go]

Bumblebee: I hope he's ok.

Raf Esquivel: Me too.

[inside the carriage]

Odette: Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: I thought I could keep you company with your father. What's the matter?

Odette: Well, Sci-Ryan, it's just that I have the big wedding with Derek then he told me that he loved me by just my beauty.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. I think there's more to your beauty. I like you of your kindness and other good things.

Odette: You mean it?

Sci-Ryan: Yes. I hope Evil Anna is happy when I tell her. Looks like you and I have something in common.

Odette: Thanks. I think you and I can be friends.

Sci-Ryan: Odette. This could be the start of a beautiful.... friendship.

King William: That's nice of you, Sci-Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: Yes, Your highness. I knew that Twilight will be happy. So, on the scale of one to three stars, what would you say about Odette falling in love with Derek?

King William: Three, Sci-Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: Good. I'll keep Odette safe for you. It is my vow. Trust me.

[King William nods]

Sci-Ryan: Before you ask what else did Odette want to say to Derek, she and I want to know that she loves him for just being her.

Guard: [off-screen] Whoa! Whoa.

[The carriage comes to a halt]

Sci-Ryan: Something's wrong. I think we stopped.

[Odette nods]

King William: Stay inside with Sci-Ryan, Odette.

[Just as King William was about to step out, Rothbart and Ryvine motion a wave of magic around them before throwing their fists toward the ground sending a flash of light. By the time the light fades, a demon and a ghastly creature emerges and before everyone could react, the 2 beasts suddenly trusts toward the couch with a great ferocity. At Queen Uberta's castle]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope Sci-Ryan fine.

Thomas: I hope he is, Ryan. You did well comforting Queen Uberta.

[Ryan nods and hears Sci-Ryan's Goofy yell]

Evil Ryan: That sounds like Sci-Ryan. It sounds like.... like he's in trouble.

[A door to Uberta's castle burst open, causing Prince Derek, Ryan and the gang to turn as a guard comes to the room appearing as if he came out of a losing battle before collapsing on the ground. Quickly, they rush to check up on the story]

Crash Bandicoot: Oh my gosh!

Evil Ryan: That's one of William's guards. What happened?

Guard: We... We were attacked. A demon and a Great Animal....

Matau T. Monkey: Sci-Ryan.

Rigby (EG) and Derek: Odette.

Ryan F-Freeman: Meg. Bertram. Evil Anna. Stay with Queen Uberta until Derek gets back.

Meg Griffin: Ok, Ryan. Good luck.

[Ryan and the gang follow Derek to where he's going]

Crash Bandicoot: I hope we're not too late.

[But by the time they got to the couch, they could see that it has been demolished, as if torn apart by a vicious creature]

[In the woods, Bee jolts Raf awake]

Raf Esquivel: What's wrong, Bee?

Bumblebee: Something's happened to Sci-Ryan. We have to find him.

Raf Esquivel: Look. Derek! You got here to where the couch is.

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Ryan! Odette! Where are you?

Derek: Odette? Odette!

Evil Ryan: Sci-Ryan!

[But no matter how hard they look, all they can find of Sci-Ryan and Odette were Sci-Ryan's amulet and the very same locket he had given her the very moment Derek first met the princess. Suddenly, some soft moaning draws the groups attention]

Emmet: [gasps] Guys! Come over here! Quick!

[They turn to see King William, laying limply on the ground and clutching his chest in agony]

Rigby (EG): Dad!

Sir Kylo Ren: Brother.

Derek: King William....

King William: Derek... Rigby... Kylo Ren... I....

Crash Bandicoot: It's ok, your majesty. We're here. Who did this to you?

King William: They came so quickly... A demon and.... A Great... Animal.

Sonata Dusk: Ryvine and Rothbart. Ryan. Can you heal him?

Ryan F-Freeman: I would, Sonata, but.. I fear I can't.

Rigby (EG): I hope my dad will come back as one of those blue ghosts.

Mordecai (EG): I hope he will, Rigby.

Derek: Where is Odette?

King William: Listen to me, Derek. Listen... All of you. It's not what it seems. It's not what it seems.

Raf Esquivel: What does it mean?

Derek: What's not? Where is Odette?

Evil Ryan: And Sci-Ryan?

King William: Odette... Sci-Ryan... They are... Gone.[dies]

Sir Kylo Ren: Bro? Bro? [sniffs] He's dead.

Luigi:[starts crying]

Ryan F-Freeman: SCI-RYAN!!!

Derek and Rigby (EG): ODETTE!!!

Crash Bandicoot: Oh, King William. Your sacrifice for Odette and Ryan F-Freeman of Crystal Prep will not be in vain.

Cody Fairbrother: Why is Rigby saying "Odette"?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think he might be related to her somehow.

[Cody nods and the flashback ends]

Ryanset: So. The Ryan from Crystal Prep is a human like you and Rigby?

[Odette nods]

Ryanset: I heard rumors that there's a new Prime.

Odette: You must know Ryan F-Freeman. He's the Prime-prince of Friendship.

Ryanset: Wait. There's two Ryans?! I'm a bit confused.

[Rigby (EG) looks at Odette and then saw that he is going to get to Cybertron]

Rigby (EG): Wait. Maybe you can come with us.

Ryanset: No thanks. [unfolds his wings] I prefer to fly.

Rigby (EG): Ok. Odette can fly too.

[Ryanset fires up his jetpack and heads off to Cybertron]

Rigby (EG): See you later.

[Odette waves "Goodbye" to Ryanset as he flies off into the sky]

Rigby (EG): Wow! He is weird.

12th Doctor:[in Sensei Wu's voice] What is weird?

Rigby (EG): Doctor. Ryanset is weird, weird.

Odette: I think you're right, brother.

Rigby (EG): I think it's time for a song. Let's sing Shine Like Rainbows.

12th Doctor: I agree.

Rigby (EG): A one. A two. A 1, 2, 3, 4.

Odette: Once upon a time~

12th Doctor: You came into my world and made the stars align~

Rigby (EG): Now, I can see the signs~

[Emmet listens to the song they are singing]

Emmet: Lift me up when I get down so I can shine~

Rigby (EG): Shine like rainbows~


Wlydstyle: Shine like rainbows~

Rigby (EG): Shine like rainbows~


Odette: Shine like rainbows~

[while they sing, they gain pony ears, wings and longer hair]

Emmet: Oh my G-O-S-H!

Stephen: Friends, you are in my life~

Emmet: And you can count me to be there by your side~

Rigby (EG): And when the music comes alive~

Wyldstyle: We sing our songs to lift us up so we can shine~

Rigby (EG): Yeah.

Thomas: Shine like rainbows~

Rigby (EG): Good job on the song. Now. Let's go. [in Galvatron (G1)'s voice] To Cybertron!

Odette: Cybertron?

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