This is where the dog groomer arrives, and he grooms Zoe and fixes her collar in, The Great Dog Caper.

[a man comes to Burke and Blair's apartment and he rings the doorbell]

Burke: [answers door] Oh, thank goodness you're here!

Groomer: Is she ready for grooming?

[The Groom sets down his box and gets out supplies and then picks up Zoe. He then sets up a tiny chair for Zoe and sets her on it. He then takes off her beret and hangs it on a miniture coat rack. And then he puts on artist's glasses]

Blair: How long is this going to take?

Groomer: You can't rush art, sir. [turns on the little light on the glasses]

[back at the scrapyard]

[we see the pets on a scrapcart]

[but when they roll up to the door, they find a closed sign]

Gummy: Oh dear, it's closed.

Angel: We're not preschool animals, Gummy. We can read.

[then they see a man walk up and go through the gate]

Workman: Steve, you're late!

Steve: Hang on, I'm coming. I'm coming.

Falcon: Right, let's go!

Penny Ling: What?

Sunil Nevla: But the sign says it's closed!

[They run to the door]

[they all jump on the pressure plate, trying to open the gate]

Timber: Wait! we need to all jump at one time!

Falcon: Ready? Go!

[they all jump at the same time and the gate opens.]

[They went inside]

Sunil Nevla: [comes across a shelf and finds books that reveals secrets to the Dusty videogame] Ha, ha. Yes!

Vinnie Terrio: How do we find Zoe?

Timber: We just have to find Burke and Blair.

Splinter: Let's split up. We'll cover more ground.

Chomper: Let's move out!

[they all split up and go down different ways]

[back in the apartment]

Groomer: [grabs a bottle of Dog shampoo and gives Zoe's coat a good wash. He then starts up a claw filing machine and gives Zoe's claws a manicure. He even trims Zoe's hair and then he brushes it. He then cleans out her ears and her teeth. Then he uses the magnifying tool on his glasses, then he threads a needle. Then very carefully, he stitches Zoe's collar back together. Then he gives the jewels on her collar a polish, and then he dusts her beret. And then places her back in the kennel] They you are, little one. [gives Zoe a dog biscutt] If you mess with her too much, the collar will rip again.

Burke: Oh, thank you so much!


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