Dominator face

The Dominator is the main antagonist of Episode XCVI of season 5 in the Samurai Jack series.

He was voiced by Aaron LaPlante, who also voiced The Omen another Season 5 villain.


The Dominator was a human male who had ransacked a village of extraterrestrials, taking the children to a factory to be used as an energy source. When Jack and Ashi arrive to the factory, the Dominator releases the brainwashed children onto them, and takes Ashi hostage. Figuring that she must've been a sympathizer for Jack, he subjects Ashi to near-lethal electroshock torture only to need to refuel. Throughout this, he expresses his hatred for children, gloating about how easy it is to brainwash them, and he also comments Ashi for her "pretty face." Unbeknownst to him, Ashi had experienced abuse by her mother's hand, which she uses to overcome her restraints.

Much to the surprise of the Dominator, Ashi frees herself, and proceeds to lay a brutal beat-down on him, causing his metallic suit to malfunction. Ashi then throws the unconscious Dominator into the control panel, causing it to explode.