The doraemons and the mysterious thief dorapin by mugenmusouka-d4x2ac1

The Doraemons is a kind of an old boys' association of the Robot Academy, in which all seven of them attended. Each and every member enjoys Yummy Buns, but usually add their own preferred seasoning. The septet are bound by gadgets called Bestfriend Telecard as token of their oath of eternal friendship.

Each of them works as a public servant, either in a body or not. The members are:

Doraemon - He acts as a leader to The Doraemons; usually to settles internal disputes.

Dora the Kid - The second-in-command of the team. A wild cowboy who's good at shooting, but quick-tempered.

Wang Dora - He is the smartest among the Doraemons and is a master of kungfu. Learns about medicines in China

Dora-nichov - A local servant who lives in the cold lands of Siberia. Turns into wolf when he sees something round

El Matadora - Lives in the 17th century Spain, aspiring to become a matador. The strongest member amongst the doraemons.

Dora-Med III - An oracle who lives in the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. He turns into a giant if angered.

Dora-Rinho - Lives in Brazil and plays association football with his friend Nobinho. He owns 11 identical Mini-doras, whom he played soccer with.