The Doraemons, Phineas and Ferb in Time and Dimension is a crossover movie with Phineas and Ferb and Doraemon made by MRJOJOUK3.



The movie is set 2 months after the OWCA Files and Phineas, Ferb and Sonic in Time and Space. Phineas, Ferb and their friends has met Doraemon, Noby and Their Friends even The Doraemons and they gonna have some cool adventures through time and various dimensions. Of course, there are villains who was trying to take over the Time and Dimensions, so it's up to Phineas, Doraemon and their friends to save The Time and Dimension.



1. Prologue

2. Arrived in the 22th Century

3. Meet The Doraemons

4. Rescue Mission

5. Meet Jaidora And Dorapin

6. Reach To The Top Tower

7. Battle Dr Achimoff

8. Send to the 2nd Dimension

9. Battle Animalborg

10. Reunited The Resistence

11. Rescue Mission Again

12. Escape

13. Dr Achimoff and Dr Doofensmirtz [2nd Dimension] Evil Plan

14. Poke The Goozim

15. Brand New Reality

16. The Invasion

17. Charlene Penthouse

18. Prepare Battle

19. Save Time And Dimensions

20. Reprogram Animalborg

21. Final Battle

22. Goodbye Doraemons

23. The Doraemons Returns

24. Credits

Gadget Uses

1. Translation Pills

2. Anywhere Door

3. Digital Hack (from Phineas and Ferb)

4. Air Cannon

5. Stun Gun

6. Voice Thickener

7. Fist Force Glove

8. Invisible Cape

9. Black Pepper

10. Legendary Sword "Denkomaru"

11. Black Belt

12. Dandelion Fuzz Comb

13. Human Steam Engine Set

14. Railroad Crossing Kit

15. Baseball Launcher (From Phineas and Ferb)

16. Basho Sen

17. Bestfriend Telecard

18. Big Light

19. Recovering Torch

20. Forgetting Flower

Deleted Scenes

  1. Candace talk's to Jeremy

2. Tour at the Matsushiba Robot Factory

3. Vennesa talk to Dr Doofenshmirtz (Second Dimension)

4. Phineas talk to Noby about Sonic

5. Gelatin Pool (Flashback)

6. Major Monogram Waiting for Agent P and the Other's

7. Dr Doofenshmirtz (Second Dimension) Call Dora Med Tubby

8. Bowling-R-Ama got Destroyed

Voice Cast

Phineas Flynn/Phineas Flynn [2nd Dimension] - Vincent Martella

Doraemon/Doraemon [2nd Dimension] - Mona Marshell

Ferb Fletcher/Ferb Fletcher [2nd Dimension] - Thomas Brodie Sangster

Noby Nobi/Noby Nobi [2nd Dimension] - Johnny Yong Bosch

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro/Isabella Garcia-Shapiro [2nd Dimension] - Alyson Stoner

Sue Minamoto/Sue Minamoto [2nd Dimension] - Cassacndra Lee Morris

Baljeet Tjinder/Dr Baljeet Tjinder [2nd Dimension] - Maulik Pancholy

Sneech Honekawa/Sneech Honekawa [2nd Dimension] - Brian Beacock

Buford Van Stomm/Buford Van Stomm [2nd Dimension] - Bobby Gaylor

Big G Gouda/Big G Gouda [2nd Dimension] - Kaiji Tang

Perry The Platypus/Perry The Platyborg [2nd Dimension] - Vincent Tong

Dora The Kid/Dora The Kid [2nd Dimension] - Ross Lynch

Pinky The Chihuahua/Pinky The Chihuahuaborg [2nd Dimension] - Jason Ritter

Dora-Rinho/Dora-Rinho [2nd Dimension] - Thomas Middleditch

Peter The Panda/Peter The Pandaborg [2nd Dimension] - Ryon Potter

Wang-Dora/Wang Dora [2nd Dimension] - Ben Schwartz

Terry The Turtle/Terry The Turtleborg [2nd Dimension] - Taylor Grey

El-Matadora/El-Matadora [2nd Dimension] - David Henrie

Dora-Nichov/Dora-Nichov [2nd Dimension] - John Travolta

Dora Med III/ Dora Med III [2nd Dimenison] - Frank Welker

Jaidora/Jaidora [2nd Dimension] - Patton Oswalt

Dorapan/Dorapan [2nd Dimension] - Kevin Miller

Mimimi/Mimimi [2nd Dimension] - Kristen Bell

Mini-Doras - Cristina Vee Principal Teraodai - Corey Burton

Irving Du Bois - Jack McBrayer

Candace Flynn/Candace Flynn [2nd Dimenison] - Ashley Tisdale


Robot Cats

Carl Karl - Tyler Alexander Mann

Major Monogram - Jeff Swampy Marsh

OWCA Agent/ Animalborg [2nd Dimension]

Stacy Hirano - Kelly Hu

Jeremy Johnson - Mitchel Musso

Linda Fletcher - Caroline Rhea Lawrance Fletcher - Richard O'Brien

Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz/Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz [2nd Dimension] - Dan Povermire

Norm/Norm Bots [2nd Dimension] - John Viener

Doctor Achimoff - James Wood

Dr Achimoff Robots

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz/Vanessa Doofenshmirtz [2nd Dimension] - Olivia Olson

Charlene Doofenshmirtz/Charlene Doofenshmirtz [2nd Dimension] - Allison Janney


1. (Yume wo Kanaete ) in Arrived in the 22th Century Scene.

2. (Let's Go Digital) in Reach to the Top Tower Scene.

3. (One Good Scare Ought to do it ) in Reach to the Top Tower Scene.

4. ( Breaking Out) in Reach to the Top Tower Scene.

5. ( Hockey Z-9 ) in Reach to the Top Tower Scene.

6. (Football X7) in Battle Dr Achimoff.

7. (Brand New Reality) in Brand New Reality Scene.

8. (All the Convoluted Reason We Pretend to be Divorce) in Charlene Penthouse Scene.

9. (What I'm Made Of...) From Sonic Heroes, in Battle for Time and Dimension Scene.

10. (I Need a Hero) from Shrek 2, in Final Battle Scene.

11. (Tomodachi No Uta) from Bump of Chicken, in Credit scene.

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