This is where Yuna, Skyla, and Nightstar find the Dragon's den in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

Skyla: So, what now? Yuna, your test is tomorrow. You know you're going to have to kill a... [Whispers to Yuna so Nightstar doesn't hear] kill a Monstrous Nightmare.

Yuna: I know. Don't remind me.

[then Nightstar's ears lift up as she hears something and then she changes direction]

Yuna and Skyla: Whoa!

Yuna: What is it, girl? What's going on?

[then a Monstrous Nightmare appears]

Yuna: Get down!

[then soon they are amongst a whole herd of dragons]

Skyla: What's going on?

Yuna: I don't know. Nightstar. You've got to get us out of here, girl.

[but Nightstar shrugs it off and continues flying with the other dragons, and then Skyla sees a Star Shadow carrying a huge fish]

Yuna: It looks like they're hauling in their kill.

Skyla: Uh, what does that make us?

[A Hideous Zippleback looks at them but continues on]

[then all the dragon start flying through rock formations and then they come to a huge volcano]

Yuna and Skyla: Whoa!

[inside, is the dragon's den!]

Yuna: What Aunt Celestia and Mama wouldn't give to find this.

[Nightstar then lands and hides behind a rock tower and they watch]

[all the dragon drop their loads into a huge hole]

Yuna: [Sarcastically] It's satisfying to know that everything they steal has been dumped down a hole.

Skyla: They're not eating any of it.

[then one Crystal Dragon drops only a salmon, and then there is a loud roar as the dragon tries to get away a huge Dragon head appears and eats the dragon!]


Yuna: I have no idea!

[then the dragon sniffs around]

Yuna: Alright, girl, we gotta get out of here. Now!

[they and all the other dragons fly out as the huge dragon foolows and then it grabs a Windscraper and eats it]

[they 3 arrive back at the cove]

Skyla: No, it totally makes sense. It's like a giant beehive. They're the workers, and that's their queen. It controls them. [hops off Nifghtstar after she lands] Let's tell daddy.

Yuna: No, no, no! [Grabs Skyla] We can't tell your dad, if we do, they'll kill Nightstar! We need to think things through first!

Skyla: Yuna, we just discovered the Dragons' Den. The thing Aunt Celestia and Luna been after for a long time. And you want to keep it a secret?! To protect your pet dragon?! Are you serious?!

Yuna: Yes, I do.

Skyla: Okay. Then what do we do?

Yuna: Just give me until tomorrow. I'll figure something out.

Skyla: Okay. I'll meet you back at the castle. [races off]

[Nightstar then looks at Yuna]

Yuna: What are you looking at?

Nightstar: [growls]

Yuna: Alright then. [walks off] She you tomorrow girl, [under her breath] I hope.

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