Here's how the Eevolution family is freed in The Beginning of the Chronicles III.

[Later we see the Eeveelutions at a carnival]

Umbreon: Alright guys, Eevee won this race and it's all for him.

Eevee: Aw, shucks.

Jolteon: Oh, my Poké Balls! I almost forgot!

Vaporeon: What?

Jolteon: [takes out a bag of Big Chief] Chaw! Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to "Big Chief"! [shows the bag]

Leafeon: What is that, Tobacco?

Jolteon: Yeah, the pros do this for victory celebrations. So I figure we can have some to.

Eevee: What do you do with it?

Jolteon: Duh! [eats some] Eat it of course!

Espeon: Eat it?

Jolteon: Yeah, come on. Dig in!

[Soon the Eeveelutions start eating some]

Vaporeon: It's not bad.

Jolteon: It's the best.

Eevee: Let's ride guys!

The Eeveelutions: YEAH!!!

[Soon they all go on a ride called "Trabant" and they all go on a seat and sit together and the ride starts by spinning around, and around. As first the Eeveelutions cheered for victory but then they start to feel sick and are groaning and then they vomit, which causes the ride to stop and people got off as the Eeveelutions are feeling a little better and Flareon burps]

Flareon: Ah, that's better.

[we now see the parts for the ship being delivered to the ship]

Jar Jar: Hiddoe!

Gurff: Well, we have the essential part we need. I'm going back. Some unfinished buisness. I won't be long.

Brian: Why do I sense we've picked up another pathetic life-form?

Gruff: It's the young Eevee who is responisble for getting us these parts. get this hyperdrive generator installed. I'll be back.

Brian: Yes, Master. That shouldn't take long.

[then returns to the city]

Gruff: Here's your change. We sold the pod.

Eevee: Yes!

[they then head to the house]

Eevee: Mom! look at all the money we have!

Sylveon: My goodness! That's so wonderful, Eevee!

Jolteon: And I got good news, we're all freed from slavery!

Sylveon: What?!

Gruff: You all are no longer slaves.

Eevee: I don't believe it.

Glaceon: Now we can make our dreams come true!

Espeon: Yes! I'll finally get to see more sights of the world!

Sylveon: We are free. (to Gruff) So, are Eevee and and his siblings to become Jedi?

Gruff: Yes. Our meeting was not a coincidence. nothing happens by accident. And you as well.

Sylveon: Me? A Jedi?

Umbreon: You mean that we'll get to weild those fancy laser swords?!

Gruff: Yes. But, training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, even if you succeed, it's a hard life.

Eevee: But I wanna become one, it's what I've always dreamed of.

Jolteon: Us too.

Sylveon: Let's pack our things.

Gruff: Yes, we haven't much time.

Glaceon: Yeah!

Eevee: Yippee!

PROXY: What about me?

Gruff: You can come too.

PROXY: Oh, that's great news!

Fender: I'll say, well we're gonna miss you guys.

Eevee: [gets an idea] Rodney! You and your friends can come too!

Rodney: Really?

Flareon; Yeah! That way, you won't be stuck on here anymore!

Piper: But what if the Duke and Duchess don't like us?

Gruff: Nonsense, they love robots.

Crank: I don't know, Master Jedi.

Fender: Who cares?! We're gonna free! Free at last! Freedom! (laughs crazily)

[he then runs out laughing like crazy]

Piper: Oh, Fender.

[Then one of Savage Opress' droids comes to him]

[the droid then tells Savage of the location of the team]

[As Savage Opress hops back on his peeder and heads in the direction they are at.]

Eevee: Wait, I'm tired!

[but then Opress is approaching them!]

Gruff: Get down!

[The Evolutions drop to the groud as Savage flies over then and then jumps off his speeder. Then he activates his lightsaber and enagaes in a lightsaber duel with Gruff]

Gruff: Tell them to take off!

Rodney: Let's go!

[they race into the ship as Gruff continues dueling Savage]

Rodney: Gruff's in trouble.

Brian: Take off. OVer there, fly low.

[the ship then slowly lifts off the ground and flies towards the dueling pair, and then as it passes by, Gruff Force leaps onto the entry ramp and the ship takes off]

[in the ship]

(Brian and the Evolutions race in)

Glaceon: Are you alright?

Gruff: I think so.

Brian: What was it?

Gruff: I'm not sure, but it was well-trained in the Jedi arts. My guess is it was after the Duke and Duchess.

Leafoen: What are we gonna do about it?

Gruff: [sighs] We shall be patient. Eevee, and family, meet Brian Griffin.

Eevee: Hi.

Umbreon: So you're a Jedi too? Pleased to meet you.

Brian: [laughs]

[back on Naboo]

Viceroy #1: Your duke and Duchess are lost, your people are starving. And you, Governor, are going to die...much sooner than your people I'm afraid.

Governey: This invasion will gain you nothing. We're a democracy. The people have decided.

Viceroy #1: Take him away.

[2 droids escout the Governer away]

Captain Droid: My troops are in position to begin searching in the swamps for these rumored underwater villages. They will not stay hidden for long.

[Back in the royal ship]

Jar Jar: (snoring and muttering)

[one of the crew members then heads below deck and acttivates the communication hologram and the Govenor comes onto a hologram]

Governer: The death toll is catastraophic. We must bow to their wishes. You must contact me.

[hologram shuts off]

Eevee: [sighs]

Lois: Are you alright?

Eevee: It's very cold.

Sylveon: Here. [wraps him with a blanket]

Meg: You come from a warm place, Eevee. But it's too warm for my taste.

Chirs: And space is cold.

Eevee: It's diffrent alot like from home.

Sylveon: We're just gonna have to get use to it.

Lois: Yeah, the universe is amazing.

Glaceon: I've only dreamed about exploring the world outside our home, and now it's like a dream come true!

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