This is where the Emperor tells the story of the diamond and where our heroes go after Ernie and his men in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[back on the surface Ernie's men load the king into a metal crate]

Ernie: Men, tell those people to get back!

Men: You heard him. Get back!

[The men then loads the crate onto one of the trucks]

Thomas: So, this is how goes? Well, fine. You win, you're wiping out an entire city all for money.

Ernie: Afraid so.

Ahuizotl: We're ready!

Ernie: Yeah, yeah, just give me a minute. I feel like I'm missing something. What was it? Oh, yeah! 

[then he punches Celestia and Luna]

Yuna: Mama! [runs up to Luna]

Wreck-it Ralph: Hey! Leave them alone!

Ernie: [deploys his darksaber] Make me.

Cadance: This is a terrible thing you're doing!

Ernie: I'm doing what's right, for God and country.

Cadance: No, you, are, not! You're only doing what you want for your own selfish needs, you psychotic, greedy, arrogant waste of flesh!

Ernie: [Force lifts her by the neck] You dare challenge me?!

Zeb: Well, I do! [draws his Bo-rifle and turns it to staff mode as he charges Ernie intending to shock him but he's shocked with Force Lighting until...]


[Then we see that Brian shooting the air]

Ernie: You can't be serious?

Brian: Ernie, release the King now!

Ernie: Now your being silly.

Brian: No, shut up! Release him now! No more running!

Ernie: I'M NOT RUNNING! [walks towards him]

Brian: What about the others?

Ernie: What others?

Brian: The one's that died on this expedition! You never cared for them! You never did! You made it up, so you can get the diamond! And you never even cared about us!

Ernie: I didn't had to! And besides, those people that died on this expedition are long gone!

Brian: Look Ernie, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way! Just don't push me! Release the King now! I swear to...

[Before he can finish Ernie fist punches him and makes him fly back]

Sylveon: Brian!

Brian: [growls]

Ernie: That was easy.

[but just as he turns, a blaster bolt hits his shoulder]

Ernie: GRAH!! What the?!

[the shooter was Chris]

Chris: What are you, deaf and stupid?! You are not taking him! Not if I have anything to say about it! [ignites his Lightsaber]

Ernie: Fine, I'll deal with you first! [ignites his own Lightsaber]

[they charges and duel it out as they come into a blade lock]

Ernie: Chris, you disappoint me. [they clash sabers again] Surely you can do better.

Chris: You know, when I threw your own Lightsaber at you on Kamino, I should've aimed for your neck!

[Ernie snarls as they continue clashing sabers as they then come into another blade lock, but then Ernie slashes Chris' shoulder]

Chris: Aah!

[then Ernie slashes Chris' leg, leading him to fall to the ground]

Chris: Argh!

Ernie: [extinguishes his Lightsaber] Now that's taken care of. [gets into a truck] And Princess, remember when you hired Discord to track down Tirek, and let him send you to Tartarus? Well, this is your second big mistake! [the truck goes forward as he laughs like Jafar]

[the villains then all drive away and across the bridge]

Alan: Can you take Stu, instead?

Stu: Screw you, Alan!

Ernie: [blows up the bridge]

Sunrise: Well, that went well.

Yuna: We can't let them escape like this! We need to stop them!

General Dedrich: Guys! Report to the throne room!

[in the throneroom, the medics are doing all they can with the emperor]

Princess Celestia: Well, how is he?

Medman: Not so good. Internal bleeding.

Scalpel: Not much more we can do.

Yuna: You mean he'll die?

Medman: Fraid so, little one.

General Dedrich: That damn rooster gave him quite a hard beatin', almost like how the Nazis did to Jews back in 43'.

Princess Luna: Grandpa?

Emperor Lunarlight: Where's my son?

Princess Celestia: He's.. he's.

Emperor Lunarlight: He has been chosen, like his mother, before him.

Cadance: What?

Emperor Lunarlight: In times of danger. The diamond will choose a host, one of royal blood. To protect itself, and it's people. It will except no other.

Twilight: Wait a minute, so this thing is alive?

Emperor Lunarlight: Yes, the diamond thrives on the collected emotions of all who came before us. In return it provides power and protection. As it grew, it developed a consciousness of it's own. And not only that, the diamond is connected to the Force.

Sharon: You mean to say it's Force Sensitive?

Emperor Lunarlight: In a way. It how many Jedi whom lived in this city were able to have fast training, the diamond gave them powerful meditation and connection with the Force. In my arrogance, I thought to the use the diamond for war, but it's power was too great to control, which lead to our destruction.

Thomas: So that's why you hid it under the castle. To keep the same thing from happening again.

Emperor Lunarlight: Yes. And keep Solar Flare from suffering the same fate as Moonbeam.

Yuna: Wait, what's gonna happen to grandpa?

Emperor Lunarlight: If he stay bonded with the diamond, he'll be lost to it forever. The love of him, my grandchildren, and my new family members is all I have left. My burden would've gone to Solar Flare, but now it falls to you.

Princess Celestia: Us?

Emperor Lunarlight: [nods his head] But I'm also gonna transfer my magic into Thomas.

Thomas: Transfer your magic to me? But I'm not an alicorn.

Emperor Lunarlight: Yes, but you're a Train-Prime. Your Matrix, in your chest, has the power to transfer magic into the spark of Train-Primes. And only it, can remove it.

Percy: Not even Tirek? When he still had Megatrain's arc?

Emperor Lunarlight: No, and not even Megatrain himself, or anyone else that powerful, can.

Thomas: But I.. I..

Emperor Lunarlight: Take it Thomas, you need my magic more than me. You need the strength.

Thomas: [sighs] Alright, [opens his chest] I'll do it.

Emperor Lunarlight: [transfers his magic into Thomas' chest]

Jolteon: That is awesome.

Emperor Lunarlight: You must take good care of it Thomas. [then gives his diamond necklace to his grandchildren]  Return the diamond, save my son and my kingdom. I love you 2, so much. [passes away]

Princess Luna: Oh grandpa, [tears up] [starts silently weeping]

Hiro: I'm sorry Luna.

Barret Barricade: [puts a cormforting arm on Celestia]

Princess Celestia: I was such a fool to trust Ernie, maybe I'm not cut out to be a Princess.

Sharon: What?!

Princess Celestia: I'm sorry, Sharon. But I've made so many mistakes in my life.

Sunlight: Mommy, what are you talking about?

Princess Celestia: Let's recap: First, when Twilight tried to warn me of the Changling Queen impersonating my niece, I not only refuse to believe her, I let her own brother kick her out of the wedding and ultimately turn my back on her. Then when Tirek attacked Equestria, I foolishly send that crazy Draconsequss, Discord to capture him only for him to betray. And adding salt to the wound I take a coward's move and have Luna, Cadance, I transfer our magic to Twilight, leaving us defenseless to Tirek whom of which throws us in that horrid place we call a prison! And now I foolishly let Ernie, the Psychopathic, barbarous, Sith Lord come with us on this expedition. Only for him to murder Grandfather and capture father . And now he has the diamond and is attempting to escape with it! Am I the only one who's crazy?! HAVE I LEFT ANYTHING OUT!?!

Barret Barricade: Of course you haven't!

Princess Celestia: Thank you. But, (takes off her crown and looks at it) if I can't make wisense choices, then I'm not a true princess. (Drops her crown on the ground)

Barret Barricade: (picks up the crown) No, you may of made some foolish choices, in the past but this is the future, for the loud, crying of!

Peter: What's it gonna be?

Princess Celestia: Excuse me?

Peter: You've got us into this mess. You get us out of it, now let's go!

Princess Celestia: Peter, you're being selfish right now! We can't leave our father with Ernie!

Peter: I can't get in trouble! I can't get in trouble with Lois, if I'm not there with her and the kids again, my life with her is over!

Princess Luna: This isn't about you! You came with us on this expedition, and you are going to help us get father back! You got that!?

Peter: But what if we die?

Brian: Would you get.... [smacks him] SERIOUS?!

Peter: Okay! I'm sorry!

[the 2 get up and start walking to the city limits]

Blythe Baxter: Princess, where you going?

Princess Celestia: We're getting our father back.

Sandy Cheeks: That's crazy talk!

Sharon: No, it isn't! We've came this far! We can still save him!

Sunlight: What? How?

Edd: We might have some perfect way of getting there.

[He leads them to one of the dragon ships]

Princess Luna: What are these things?

Mucker: A Dragonar, your father shows us.

Edd: I need the necklace for a moment. [Luna hands him it] Thank you, watch this. [he gets on and starts the ship]

Maud Pie: Wow, I'm impressed.

Zeb: Now that's my kind of ride.

Edd: And it's safe. All you have to do is..

Pepper Clark: Yeah, yeah. We get it.

Edd: No wait!

[Pepper Clark hits the pad too hard and the ship then flies backward into a wall and stops]

Edd: Gently, gently.

Spongebob: Hey Double-D, is there one that looks like a drake?

Soldier Equine: How is this done?

Edd: Use the diamond necklace. "Turn diamond quarter to the right and then reverse motion, keep your hand or hoof on the pad."

[Celestia and Luna then start up a dragon ship of their own, as many of the equine soldiers do the same thing]

Uray: While they use those dragon ships, we might have something that the rest of you that are more simpler.

[he then activates a teleportation ray and our heroes' planes appear]

Thomas: Alright, our planes!

Brian: Hey Ash, how about you guys send out your Pokémon?

Ash: Good idea.

[Ash and his friends sent out their Pokemon]

Optimus: We need more help. [opens a space bridge]

[The Dinobots come out]

Grimlock: [transforms into his T-Rex mode]

Princess Celestia: Alright, we're gonna save our father and save Equinelantis, or die trying!

Princess Luna: Now let's do it!

[They took off]

[citizens cheer for them as they fly above]

[The villains blows up the top]

Ernie: I love it when I win.

[our heroes then fly into the cave]

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