Brandelis: What strength. I can see A's Power has already had a profound influence on both of you.

He heal himself

Brandelis: Perhaps I may not be able to destroy you, but neither can you put an end to me. To pursue this stalemate further would be a waste of time.

Dogmon: That's what you think!

Grumblemon: We have to pay for bringing you into this world. This ends... Now!

Kumamon: Guys?

Ranamon: Hey... I know we've put you through a lot of stuff. We're do selfish... we're sorry.

Mercurymon: It's all our fault that our Beast Spirits died like that.

Arbormon: And it's all our fault that these freaks have ruined Digital Grymoire. Ours. We have to pay for it all!

Anteatermon: Watch us!

They turn their Weapons into a Zero Arms Sword and clash to Brandelis

Brandelis: Foolish Digimon! My work is done. This will change N---

They turned into stone with him and they're friends cried because they lost, Dogmon, Flamingomon, Anteatermon, Ladybugmon, Arbormon, Grumblemon, Mercurymon and Ranamon

Lobomon: No!

Agunimon: Guys!

Kazemon: Why did you have to...

Kumamon: Guys.

Then Tama saw everything

Tama: Guys. What the-happen to them? Guys?

Beetlemon: Tama, Our friends are---

They cried because they're gone forever

Ottermon: We're ready. To go back home.

Goatmon: To go back... To our Digital Nine Wood Hills.

They went back home in despair, but they didn't know the Cogna has invade Nine Wood Hills now

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