This is the transcript of The End is Near Part 2 in Weekenders Adventures Chronicles.

Tino Tonitini: (narrating) Previously on Weekenders Adventures Chronicles.

Bowser: Tino, he protects his friends.

Ancient Minister: Then the girl will lead us to him. And revenge will be ours.

Bowser: Yes.





(Then the whole celling collapsing upon Takato)

Tino, Tai, Jeri, Henry, Rika & Guilmon: Takato!

(The heroes quickly manage to get rid of the collapsing objects and they get Takato out just in time before the entire building on fire could collapse)

Ancient Minister: This isn't over yet, Pooh Bear and Tino Tonitini! (Flies off while laughing evilly)

(The episode starts with the next day our heroes are in the hospital. Inside the room everyone are waiting for Takato in the bed to wake up)

Tino Tonitini: Please be okay.

Takato Matsuki: (Wakes up) Where am I?

Dawn: Your in the hospital.

Guilmon: Takato!

Jeri Katou: (Hugs Takato) Oh, Takato. I thought you were gonna die!

Takato Matsuki: I'm fine.

Ash Ketchum: All right, Jeri. Let him breath.

(Jeri lets go of Takato as he breath)

Takato Matsuki: (breaths) My head... it feels like I've been hit by a ceiling collapse upon me.

Rika Nonaka: It did. I can't believe you almost died.





(Meanwhile at Bowser's floating castle)

Bowser Jr.: Begin.

(Bowser breaths fire to burn the targets in the training room. Next he punches Tino as a hologram as it disappears)



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