This is how The Energon find and Cliffjumper's death goes in Darkness Rising Part 1.

[Autobot Cliffjumper drives through the countryside]

Cliffjumper: So there I am on the lookout when out of nowhere these high beams light up my rearview. And then it hits me. I'm illegally parked!

Arcee: Another parking ticket?

Cliffjumper: Better. A tire clamp. Once the cops are gone, I kick it off! You know me. Mess with Cliffjumper...

Arcee: And you get the horns.

Cliffjumper: Exactly.

Arcee: Some things never change.

Cliffjumper: What can I say? Patrolling for Energon out here is lonesome. Almost makes me miss the Decepticons.

Arcee: Like Equestria's a party. We're alone wherever we travel on this dirt, Cliff.


Cliffjumper: Wait! I'm picking something up.

Arcee: Need back-up?

Cliffjumper: Do I ever need back-up?

[Cliffjumper finds Energon]

Cliffjumper: I just found a whole lot of Energon.

[Suddenly, the Decepticon warship, the Nemesis, appears overhead]

Cliffjumper: Decepticons!

[Cliff transforms and Vehicons drop down]

Cliffjumper: Arcee, about that back-up.

[Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic]

Cliffjumper: Fair warning boys. I'll put a few dings in you.

[Clifjumper leaps in to attack]

Arcee: (comm) Arcee to Optimus, Cons are back. Cliff might be in deep scrap.

Optimus Prime: Alright, Arcee. Do you have Cliffjumper's signal, Ratchet?

Ratchet: Yes. I am locked on, Optimus. But the team is scattered across the time zones.

Optimus Prime: Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, return to base and prepare to Groundbridge to Cliffjumper's coordinates.

[Meanwhile, with Cliff and the Vehicons]

Cliffjumper: You want the horns? You got them.

[One of the Vehicons shoots and the Energon blows up. Up on the Nemesis, Starscream watches]

Starscream: The Energon. It's worthless to me now.

[The Vehicons drag in Cliff]

Cliffjumper: Scream, it's been a while. (coughs) So where's your master?

Starscream: Never mind him! I am my own master.

[Starscream stabs Cliff]

Starscream: Any more questions?

[Cliffjumper slumps to the floor]

Starscream: Clean that up.

[The Vehicons nod]

[The Nemesis flies away as a Groundbridge opens up and Ratchet, Bulkhead, Arcee, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, and Optimus Prime come out with their weapons at the ready]

Optimus Prime: This was an Energon deposit.

Bulkhead: Why would the Cons be surfacing now?

Ratchet: It's the first time we've heard from them in years. What are they up to?

Optimus Prime: If they are scouting for Energon, they may very well be preparing for Megatron's return.

[The Autobots jump down and investigate and Arcee finds one of Cliffjumper's horns]

Arcee: This is one of Cliff's horns.

Optimus Prime: Ratchet can you locate his signal?

[A red spot on Ratchet's arm panel goes blank]

Ratchet: No. Cliffjumper's life signal just went offline.

[Arcee starts to cry as Bumblebee hugs her. Later]

Optimus Prime: Major Malfunction, the Decepticons have eliminated Cliffjumper. We may require assistance.

[Cut to an alleyway in Canterlot]

[We see a police car that is colored black]

[The police car turns its headlights on and starts its engine]

Black Police Car: [Activates siren and drives off fast]

[We see the Autobot symbol on it]

Major Malfunction: Calling all Code Red members. We have a major problem. Report to the Autobot base, immediately.

[We see a montage of Code Red suiting up]

Nighlock: [Puts on his armour, and unsheathes his double bladed swords from his knuckles and then flies off]

Taser: [Her hands cackle with electricity, and she flies off telekinetically at Mach 30]

Red Smoke: [Sheathes her sai and sword, pulls up her mask, then teleports away]

Air Strike: [Puts his metal staff on his back, checks his minigun and his chest missile launcher, then flies off]

Light Ultron: [Sheathes his sword, holsters his gun, and flies off]

Mirage the Illusionist: [Sheathes his knives and turns invisible]

Firestar: [Puts her mask on and her hair in ponytail, then flies off]

Indominus Rex: [Changes from her human form to her true form and runs off]

Quicksilver: [Puts on his running shoes and runs off at full speed]

Bucky Barnes: [Grabs a gun and cocks it]

Sauron: [Activates his wings and flies off]

Deadpool: [Cocks all his guns and sheathes his swords, then teleports away]

General Maximoff: [Sheathes a combat knife, cocks a gun, and rides off on a motorcycle] We're kickin' it at old school!

Gambit: [Packs up all his cards, and gets his staff before hopping into a cab]

Justice: [Puts on his cowl and cape and flies off]

Shark Fleet: [Puts on his metal arm, loads his Harpoon Torpedo Launcher, rides off on his motorcycle]

Blue Eagle: [Pulls up his mask and jumps from Appaloosa to Canterlot in a huge jump]

Archangel: [Changes his wings to metal and flies off]

Wolverine: [Runs through the Everfree Forest]

Ant-Man: [Puts his helmet on and shrinks]

Punisher: [Drives off in his car]

Shadowcat: [Gets on her shock gloves and hitches a ride on a passing train]