Terminator equine
The Equine Terminator
is an E.T. [Equine Terminator] series 200, model 97 Infiltration-Combat Unit built by Mucker.


The Equine Terminator is a special Infiltration-Combat Unit. Like the T-600s and T-800s built by Skynet, the ET Terminator has a metal endoskeleton that is a microprocessor controlled fully armored hyper-alloy combat chassis and is constructed with frictionless bearings in its joints, and a servo-actuated control system. Its limbs are controlled by axial drive motors and clavicular trailing links.The armored frame is capable of withstanding most small arms fire and is able to survive being set on fire and being covered in molten steel with only minimal damage and no degradation of capabilities. And is able to grow living tissue, which consists of flesh, skin, hair and blood. So it can blend in with other equnes. Like the T-800s [played by Arnold Schwarzenegger] the E.T. Terminator speaks with an Austrian accent. But one key difference is, it wasn't built by Skynet. it was built Mucker, [who studied some parts from other Terminators and Skynet's interworkings] In the year, 2055 Mucker built his first successful model Terminator, after buliding 200 models and 97 prototypes. Then Mucker decided to prevent the war by sending a second 200-series, model 97 Terminator back in time 41 years into the past. Once the equine terminator arrived,




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