The Evil Mane 6 (or The Evil Six) are the evil clones of, The Mane 6.
The Evil 6


In  King Sombra has stolen blood and gotten samples of DNA from Twilight and her friends he puts the blood in a machine and creates the clones, they are powerful and stronger than Twi & her friends. Althought they look just like them. But there eyes are green, and they talk just like them with a deep, evil voice. However, Queen Chrysalis had also added a dose of Changling DNA, which gave the clones the abillity to imitate their otherselves and sound just like them.

After Sombra, Chrysalis, and D10 were defeated Daring Do traps them with her rope then Brian kills them with his .45 colt.

Ponies names

  1. Twilight Scream
  2. Rainbow Disaster
  3. Pinkie Destroyer
  4. Rarshion
  5. Appledoom
  6. Fluttercreep


  • They appeared in 


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