Here is how Ariel and Eric explained about Melody's disappearance in Genesis Park III.

Princess Yuna: Time for you to explain, Eric.

Prince Eric: Alright, Melody is out there on this island with Max Goof, John Smith and Cassim.

Ariel: It's been too long since they've disappeared.

Princess Skyla: No wonder you asked us to guide you here, You needed our help to rescue Melody.

Britney Sweet: Didn't see it coming.

Human Twilight Sparkle: My friends and I've never been on this island.

Princess Yuna: That was when my friends and I got lost in. This is Pangea, Where the treasure that our folks found a long time ago, the home of the Tribal Penguins, The only Habitat of the Dinosaurs and other Extinct Animals.

Human Twilight Sparkle: Must have been quite an adventure.

Human Rarity: (looked at her boots and had gone muddy) My boots look awful.

Moon Shoes: (brings out a shoe polisher)

Princess Yuna: Come on, Let's go.

At the plane wreck, Yuna and the others searched for some materials.

Princess Yuna: There's landing gears in the plane, they must but knocked out of it.

Princess Skyla: There's wings, They fell off after crashing, The windows are badly broken. And there's engines and propellers, They should be put into some good use somehow.

Human Rainbow Dash: We'll have to work on them.

Nyx: Look! It's a video camera!

Princess Yuna: The batteries are running low, I'll take care of it. (use her magic to make a permanent power source)

Melody: (on camera) I'm ready to get down, Max!

Max Goof: (on camera) Alright, One.... Two..... Three! (uncoupled Melody's safety gear) Okey, Here I come!

Melody: (on camera) Alright, Max! Come on! Let's meet up with Cassim and John!

The camera shows Melody, Max, John Smith and Cassim finding a safe area.

Max Goofy: (on camera) The camera is still on!

Melody: (on camera) We'll be safe here. Let's stop here for a few nights.

Max Goof: (on camera) Good idea.

The camera turns off.

Ariel: Melody's out there, I hope she's okay.

Goofy: (in Yuna's mind) Max has been gone with Melody, Cassim and John Smith for a really long time. I hope he's okay.

Princess Yuna: I'll help you find Melody. We're going to find Max as well.

The group took the parasail down. They found Max's cap, It Yuna noticing that Max and Melody were here.

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