The FT Squad's Adventures in Dinosaur
The FT Squad's Adventures in Dinosaur is the seventh movie installment in "The FT Squad's Adventures Series. It premiered on DeviantArt on February 7, 2013. It is unknown if the movie will appear on YouTube. This is the first movie that focuses on Rudy the alligator.


The team travels to another part in the Dinosaur realm, and meets an Iguanodon named Aladar , who was raised by a family of prehistoric lemurs. Together, they must travel with a migrating herd to reach the nesting grounds to survive after a devastating meteor shower destroys Lemur Island.

Along the way, Rudy reunites with people he met during his Future Time Travel training, some good and some bad.


  • In this movie, Rudy the Alligator reunites with four old friends of his from his days of FT Squad training: Thomas the Pachyrhinosaurus, Karri the Parasaurolophus, Lilly the Struthiomimus, and Martinez the Stygimoloch. Just like the FT Squad, they started out as humans, but changed their forms into dinosaurs using Future Time Travel technology
  • But Rudy also reunites with an old rival of his, Greedon the Lizard and his sidekick, Gold Claw the lobster .
  • Rudy even negotiates with Bruton, Kron's serious second-in-command.

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