The FT Squad's Adventures in Madagascar
The FT's Squad's Adventures in Madagascar
is the twenty fifth episode in The FT Squad's Adventures Series. It is the unknown if the movie will appear on YouTube in the future.


The FT Squad travels to New York City, but in a realm similar to the one where Kyle and his teammates came from, but one where they can talk with animals.  They reach the Central Park Zoo, where they meet Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippopotamus and Melman the Giraffe.  They become good friends, but they all get shipped out of town after a frantic search for Marty, who was willing to spend an evening outside the zoo.  They all end up on the island of Madagascar, where they meet a group of lemurs led by King Julien.  They also encounter Speedy the Snail, a friend who the FT Squad met in a previous adventure.  But Alex becomes frustrated about this and is going to extreme measures to get rescued.  This puts friendships under strain, and this threatens himself and others when his predatory instincts start to arise.


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