The FT Squad's Adventures in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, is an upcoming FT Squad crossover created by Kylgrv.  At the moment, it is unknown when Kylgrv will do this, but he does confirm it will happen in The FT Squad's Adventures Series.  It is unknown if the movie will appear on YouTube.


Twilight Sparkle, now Equestria's newest princess, travels to the Crystal Empire with her friends for her first princess summit.  But the visit turns into a dire situation when Princess Celestia's former and bitter student, Sunset Shimmer, steals Twilight's crown.  The crown is thrown into a portal that leads into another world.  Twilight is told to that she must retrieve her crown, alone, or Equestria won't be protected by the Elements of Harmony.  Together with the FT Squad, and Spike who ran after them, Twilight goes to the new world, where they discover it's an alternate world to Equestria.  But they're in for some big surprises, some of which they never expected.


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