The FT Squad's Adventures in The Little Mermaid

The FT Squad's Adventures in The Little Mermaid, is the twenty first episode in The FT Squad's Adventures Series. It is unknown if the movie will appear on YouTube.


The FT Squad goes underwater and meets one of Kyle's old friends, Ariel, the daughter of King Triton who's fascinated with the world of humans.? Triton is not happy with this and forbids her from having contact with the human world. After a serious confrontation with Triton after Ariel saves Prince Eric from drowning, Ariel goes to Ursula and makes a deal with her to turn her into a human for three days in exchange for her voice.? Now the FT Squad must help her win Prince Eric's heart and get him to kiss her before the three days are up.


  • Kyle met Ariel in an earlier story Kyle's Adventures in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.
  • Since then, Kyle and Ariel have been fond of each other, seeing each other like siblings.
  • The FT Squad is given special Future Time Travel pills that allow them to breath above and underwater for a week.
  • Yao, Ling, Chien Po and Colonel Hathi don't go underwater with the rest of the team. Instead, they go to Eric's kingdom and get to know the locals better. They'll meet up with the rest of the team after Ariel becomes human and is introduced to Eric and help them with their mission to get Eric to kiss Ariel.
  • Rex mentions his inability to swim in this adventure. Yet with the Future Time Travel pills, he can walk underwater and catch up with the others.

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