The FT Squad Goes to Jurassic Park is a
The FT Squad Goes to Jurassic Park
kylgrv crossover and a part of The FT Squad ChroniclesIt is unknown if the movie will appear on YouTube.  It will appear on DeviantArt in the future sometimes, but during the time season 3 of The FT Squad's Adventures Series is in action.


Paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Satller, and the FT Squad, along with a few guest stars, are requested by head of InGen, John Hammond, to visit an island called Isla Nublar, where Hammond intends on opening a park, but needs support that it's safe.  The team discovers this island has engineered dinosaurs, cloned by DNA collected from mosquitoes in amber fossils, hence the park's name, Jurassic Park.  This experience proves to be stellar and amazing for the squad, even though they've seen dinosaurs before, but their fun turns into horror and fear when the park's systems break down and the dinosaurs start breaking free.  Now they must race against time to reboot the systems, call for help from the mainland and their authorities, and survive before the meat eating dinosaurs attack.