The FT Squad Meets Tarzan

The FT Squad Meets Tarzan is the eighth installment in The FT Squad's Adventures Series. It premiered on DeviantArt on March 1, 2013. It is unknown if it will appear on YouTube.


The FT Squad ends up in Africa again, this time in the uncharted jungles on Africa's coast. While here, the team meets a troop of gorillas led by arrogant leader Kerchak. They also meet a human boy who was adopted by Kala, Kerchak's mate. His name is Tarzan and he becomes close to the squadron along with his best friends, Terk and Tantor.

However, things get drastic when a group of England settlers explore the jungle, causing Tarzan to question where he comes from and what the world is like beyond the jungle.


  • This is the second adventure the team takes in Africa. The first one was in The FT Squad's Adventures in The Lion King.
  • Guest starring in this adventure is a character named Tigerman.  He is an original character of YouTube user Tigerman531. 
  • Terk and Tantor become great friends with the squadron, but kylgrv has yet to guest star them in a future episode or series.

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