The FT Squad Meets the Princess and the Frog

The FT Squad Meets The Princess and the Frog is the sixth episode installment in The FT Squad's Adventures Series. It premiered on DeviantArt on January 5, 2013. It is unknown if the movie will appear on YouTube in the future.


The FT Squad travels to New Orleans where they meet an overworking restaurant worker, Tiana, who's on a mission to get her own restaurant. While she shows dislike towards Dennis due to her dislike of frogs, she ends up helping Prince Naveen, who was turned into a frog by Dr. Facilier. Now together, they must travel across the New Orleans swamps to reach Momma Odie in an attempt to turn Tiana and Naveen back into humans. Along the way, they meet Louis the alligator and Ray the Firefly.


  • This is a crossover with one of Disney's more recent projects.
  • The squad becomes great friends with Louis who will join them later in Pooh's Adventures in Star Fox 64, which takes place after this movie, and later in The FT Squad's Adventures in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Dennis reveals a backstory of knowing about Tiana's father wanting to open his own restaurant.  He expresses concern for Tiana for he dealt similar events, like working hard to achieve something, but understanding the more important things in life, like love, friendship and family.
  • Rudy reveals that he knows about the Mardi Gras parade and minor information about New Orleans.
  • Commander Atom and Kendall made cameo appearances at the end of the adventure, at Tiana's restaurant enjoying the music and congratulating their students for their success in their mission.

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