NARRATOR: As they continue their journey home, Rocko was determined to teach Hubie that it wasn't enough to simply being in love with Marina. The time would come when he would have to fight for her, but with Drake as his opponent, would he be up to the challenge?

ROCKO: I won!

FIEVEL: Hey. I'm the winner.

ROCKO: You're blind as a bat! I was winning man, I won the whole way, and I was way in front of you!



JACK SKELLINGTON: What was that?

ROCKO: Looked like a Killer Whale.

HUBIE: It was bigger than Lepoard Seal!

ROCKO: Twice as big, twice as fast and twice as mean.

ZAZU: Oh good.

ROCKO: But that's not the worse part.

POCAHONTAS: Wonderful, what's the worse part?

ROCKO: Killer Whales can travel in groups.

YOUNG SIMBA: What? On no…

ROCKO: Big groups, lots, oodles and oodles

ZAZU: What'll we do now?

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