The Fantastic F is a new episode.


When F and O get the wrong comic, O instantly gains a liking for the hero of it, The Fantastic F, but F isn't fond of this new hero. D, V, E, N, X, O and L find the comic rather good and decide to be each of the heroes: D as the Daring Drummer, E as Extendo Eye E, L as the Listening Princess, X as himself, N as Negaman, O as the Opening O and V as the victim of a trap. Thomas and the gang soon get F to see just how fantastic the Fantastic F can be and she eventually decides to do the role. The Alphablocks act out the story of Fantastic F and the Super Sensational Alphabet and F rescues V from a very deep hole beneath some trap doors.


The Wrong Comic/O's new superhero idol

Rigby (EG) is with Alphablocks F and O and his sister, Odette. Rigby (EG) asks O what comic book would he buy then O gets an idea and points to the comic book about the superhero called Fantastic F. Rigby (EG) says that's perfect and he saying "O" to O makes him laugh and then they picked the comic called "Fantastic F and the




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