The Leaders (Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae) each carry a unique weapon suited for each battle they will face during the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures Series.

Benny's Primal Sword

Originally designed from his original series Primal Warrior, Benny the Beast wields the Primal Sword.
Primal Sword

Benny's Primal Sword

The Primal Sword has many abilities, yet only a few have been discovered. One such is the ability to congure a divine beam of sunlight that forces an agent of darkness to retreat or face being vanquished. The same beam of sunlight can also purify someone who has been seduced by evil. The sword is also an effective shield against dark magic as well as being resistant in the hands of evil.

Another discovered ability that the Primal Sword offers is transformation. This power must be chanted with complete precision. For example, if Benny wanted to transform himself into a shark, he would have to specify who to transform and what type of shark to transform into. By itself, the Primal Sword can transform one person. When combined with Rae's Lion Spirit Rod, the power of transformation spreads to as many people as desired.

Other abilities maybe revealed later on.

Leo's Excalibur

Leo Lionheart wields the legendary Excalibur inherited from King Arthur.

Other abilities maybe revealed later on.

Johnny's Keyblade

From the Kingdom Hearts saga, Johnny the Lion wields the Keyblade. It has the power to summon allies and to lock/unlock any door.

Other abilities maybe revealed later on.

Rae's Lion Spirit Rod

Created by the Lion Spirit and the Moon Princess, Rae the Lioness wields the Lion Spirit Rod.

It has the power to use fighting and healing magic and also to boost power for other weapons and spells. When
Rae's Battle Wand

Rae's Lion Spirit Rod

combined with Benny's Primal Sword, the power of transformation spreads to as many people desired, for example, turning everyone instead of one person into merfolk.

Rae often uses her Rod to cast spells, such as Moon Healing Escalation or Lion Spirit Meditiation, the most powerful spell ever known.

Other abilities maybe revealed later on.

Other weapons

Lionheart Sword - First used to defeat Deathwing back in Agrabah.

Lion Moon Brooch - Found in the Cave of Wonders, it stores weapons safely until being summoned and can change wardrobes and various disguises.

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