Here is how The Fellowship together again, Preparing for Battle in Berk and Reinforcements and more from Avalar goes in Yuna and the Three Kingdoms.

In Berk.

Crane: What are you seeing, Thomas?

Thomas: Are you all seeing what I think I'm seeing?

Nimbly: I think so, Prince Thomas! And it's getting close!

The four figures were Yuna, Snowdrop, Skyla and Twila.

Princess Luna: Yuna! Snowdrop!

Princess Yuna: Mama! Papa!

Snowdrop: Luna! Hiro!

Princess Luna: (hugs her daughters) We've missed you two so much!

Hiro: I thought we've never see you again!

Princess Yuna: Aunt Celestia! Uncle Duck! Sharon!

Princess Celestia: Yuna! Our beloved Niece!

Princess Sharon: We've missed you!

Prince Isamu: (kisses Yuna)

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (embraces Yuna)

Duck: Those little ones missed you girls too.

Princess Skyla: Mommy! Daddy!

Princess Cadance: Skyla!

Shining Armor: Thank goodness you're safe!

Princess Twila: Mommy! Daddy! Nyx! Lilly!

Twilight Sparkle: Twila!

Flash Sentry: You're okay!

Nyx: We've missed you!

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: It's good to have you back!

Princess Yuna: Good to be back! The Fellowship is together again.

Iago: Guys! We've got a big problem!

Zazu: 5,000 Goblins, 5,000 Orcs and 5,000 Uruk-Hai are one their way to make their attack to Berk!

As the Vikings are preparing for battle.

Percy: I'll prepare for battle with the Maximals.

Rosie: I'll stay and keep the Mares and their Foals safe.

Princess Yuna: I'm ready for battle, Tigatron. I'm not afraid.

Tigatron: Patience, Yuna. There's still time for battle.

Airazor: And I'm starting to get so surprised how you've been friends with Smeagol.

Sméagol: And friends of Yuna is friends with Smeagol.

Princess Luna: I'll stay here with Isamu.

Princess Celestia: Same goes for me with Indy and Anna. Sharon. You help Hiccup lead.

Princess Sharon: Yes, Celestia.

Princess Cadance: Be careful, My daughter.

Twilight Sparkle: Stay close, Twila.

Princess Twila: Yes, Mommy.

Flash Sentry: We've got reinforcements!

Soon enough, The reinforcements arrived.

Shining Armor: James! Toby! Look! An army arriving!

James: Goliath and the Clans of Gargoyles!

Toby: And the Atlawa Tribe, Mabu Defense Force and Hunter an the archers of Avalar!

Hiccup: Open the Gates!

The vikings opened the gates and the Atlawa Tribe, the Mabu Defense Force and the Army of Avalar entered the fort.

Princess Luna: Hunter! How is it possible?

Hunter: I don't know.

Kane: But Hunter met them along with Smeagol and invited them to a battle against Chernabog's forces of evil.

King Solar Flare: You and Kane are most welcome, Hunter.

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