This is how the female population returns goes in Guys' Night Out (Danny Phantom Version).

[Meanwhile at Amity Park]

Freakshow: Give me a NO.

Johnny 13: Give me a WOMEN.

Skulker: What does that spell?

Crowd: NO WOMEN!

[Then Danny shows up dressed as Sam]

Danny: This whole day is going to require years of therapy.

Tucker: Ghost-Getter #3 is in Position. Ghost-Getter #4, let's go.

Tucker's Dad: Why am I #4?

Danny: OMG, I'm your biggest fan. Care if I join your...uh...Band?

Freakshow: What is THIS? I though your shadow eliminated ALL the women?

Johnny: I only used my shadow to KITTY. It's HIS rope!

Skulker: HEY!

Danny: We'll I guess I should be going to...uh...Make up contest, or...something.

Freakshow: Johnny, tie up that woman. And this time, get it right.

Johnny: Get some more again in case there's other women you missed.

[Johnny's shadow appears and Skulker gave it some rope to go on a tying rampage once again]

Tucker: NOW!

Tucker's Dad: Time to dish out some Justice!

[Activates the Maddie-modulator to destroy all the rope in the shadow's hand. And then all of the women in town appear]

Girl #2: Uh, why are all these men armed?

Johnny: What's happening? I see MEN!

Freakshow: Look!

[They see Danny remove his women clothes]

Danny: Going Ghost!

[He turns into his ghost form and the team appears]

Freakshow: We've been tricked. Let's get some more rope!

[Danny punches Johnny into the air while Tucker sucks him up]

Tucker: Nice peeling Ghost-Getter #3.

[He was almost punched by Skulker then shoots him with a bazooka while Johnny sucks HIM up]

Danny: You're pretty handy with that bazooka yourself.

[Then Tucker's dad was attacked by Freakshow until he was corned]

Danny: Bye-bye.

[Sucks up Freakshow]

Tucker: Hey, my plan worked!

Danny: Nice job. Ghost-Getter #1?

Tucker's Dad: Father like son.

Tucker: Dad! [sniffs] Pew u!

[Meanwhile at Sam's house, her dad was working on his train set in the basement]

Sam's Dad: Welcome home guys. Bought me anything?

[They come in the room with the Ruby monster]

Sam's Mom: Only a Ruby monster the size of Texas

Sam's Dad: While YOUR buying and making that into a ring. Did you have a good time with your mom Sam?

Sam: Actually, mom is not so bad when you got to know her.

Danny: That moment when you hid behind the car.

Tucker: Not nearly as cool as when you...Oh hi Sam's mom, we were getting ice cream. Would you like to come?

Sam's Mom: Anything but a Choo Choo cone.

[Both laugh and Danny and Tucker both left the house talking to each other]

Sam: Ice cream? Together? They're actually getting along? What, are they under a spell or something?

Sam's Mom: Ok, what did we miss around here today?

Sam's Dad: Nothing special. I'm just glad to see your back.

Sam's Mom: Me too. Now can you stuff this thing in my purse?

[The monster Woke up in fear]

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