The Feud of the Robotic Narrow Gauge Engines is a episode of Thomas, Twilight, Brian Griffin, and friends' Amazing Escapades.


After thinking Blitzer stole something Ol' Painless from Morley, the 2 get in a feud. Could this be the end of their friendship?


What starts out as


  • This episode is based off of the Jimmy Neutron episode: "The Feud".


Daylight: Nice day, isn't it bro?

Mighty Joe: Sure is.

Morley: He's GOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!! [it echos, causing birds to fly away] Sweet Ol' Painless, he's gone!

Blitzer: Hey, Morley. Just cutting these branches so they won't overgrow the shed.

Morley: Blitzer, I want Ol' Painless back.

Blitzer: I gave him back weeks ago, you must have forgot.

Morley: You mean my mini-gun and seen on TV? I don't think so.

Blitzer: He's probably in the shed. Why don't you check?

Morley: Actually, he's in your part of the shed. I'm just gonna go get him.

Blitzer: Hey! I told you I gave him back, you win-dig!

Morley: I'm telling you, ya didn't Two-hog!

Blitzer: Cheese brain!

Morley: Sneeze jockey!

Blitzer: Noodlehead!

Morley: Deceptitrain!

Blitzer: Terminator eye!

Morley: Just because, my paint is lush and silky. Yours is equipped and a disgrace to the controller. [laughs]

Blitzer: What?! There's nothing wrong with my paint.

Morley: Oh, pu-lease! Scar marks, gun holes, and [picks up a lawn cat] these kitties, please?

Blizter: Oh, yeah? [picks up a lawn dog] What about your stupid dogs?

Morley: No, you put him down, right now!

Blitzer: Hey, look at me! Bark! I'm a stupid lawn dog! Bark! [throws it]

Morley: Patch! [breaks] No!

Blitzer: Oops.

Morley: [growls] (drop cat)

Blitzer: TAH! Mrs. White Paw!

Morley: For now on, Blitzer! We are enemies!

Blizter: Well, that goes double for me!

Morley: [turns and leaves] Hmph!

Blizter: [turns and leaves] Hmph!

[the 2 good back in their sheds]

Morley: Aw, drats! [slams door]

Blitzer: [slams his door]

Knockout: Oh, I hate feuds.

Puffer: Don't worry, knocky. I'm this feud can't last forever.

[Doors slam with sighs]

[Later that day]

Dolphy: What are we gonna do?

Edd: Well, I don't know how to solve feuds.

Rachel: Well, they haven't spoken to each other for 3 days!

Morley: [appears out of nowhere] Ah, ha! I knew you were trying to figure something out!

Human Rarity: Morley. What you and Blitzer are doing isn't fair.

Morley: I know. But I'm gonna find a new friend, not a stupid diesel friend.

Knockout: Stupid, stupid?! Let me..

Morley: Not you, Knockout.

Knockout: Oh.

Mucker: You 2, are best friends. And we're gonna find a way to end this feud.

Morley: Hey, thanks for reminding me. 

[We see him hammering] 

Morley: [humming the Thomas anthem]

[Then later]

[We see them not talking to each other as they pass each other]

Penny Ling: I wish their feud will end.

Steam Driller: Don't worry, I have an idea. Get the others and meet them at the mine.

Pepper Clark: What ever, you say.

[At the Miner Trains' mine]

Minka Mark: What are we here?

Rainbow: What's your plan?

!Steam Claw D.: We have a plan to end their feud. With this. [shows an odd object]

Jenny: What does it do?

Steam Mech: It will make them get enough bullet targets, they'll have to work together.

Rachel: Are you sure that crazy thing will work?

Steam Mech: Yes. Now let's go.

[outside the 2 engines' sheds]

Mucker: [activates it and a whole bunch of bullet targets]

Blitzer: [comes out] Holy, jumping buffers!

Morley: [comes out] Great, Magic Railroad! [to Blitzer] Doh! This is all your fault, Blitzer!

Blitzer: My fault? What about you, you started this!

Mucker: NO! NO! NO! You 2 should be working together!

Blitzer: Never! I'm not working with this, lazy steamer!

Morley: And I'm not working with this, stinkin' diesel!

Blitzer: Dido!

Morley: Avenge you, I will! [puffs to work]

Steam Driller: Dammit!

Eddy: Wedgie, by science again!

Penny Ling: It's over.

Pepper Clark: No! I won't stand this feud! Gimme that! [takes the object]

Mucker: Hey!

Pepper Clark: We need more targets! MORE!!! MORE!!!

[but Pepper puts down 3, a monstrous like head appears]

Steam Claw D.: You crazy skunk, look what you did!

Steam Mech: You started a mutative genetic growth cycle!

Monsters: ROAR!

Morley: [comes out] Guys, will you keep it.... down? [sees the giant monsters]

Blitzer: [comes out] What in the name of Hiatt Grey is going... Holy shoot!

Morley: [gets a pole]

Blitzer: [grabs weed spray] Alright, eat weed spray!!

Morley: [starts cutting the monsters]

Blitzer: [sprays the monsters]

Morley: [continues cutting, then the 2 bumped into each other]

[they look at each other then look up, and see the others]

Morley and Blitzer: Guys!

[They freed them]

Morley: [stabs one of the dead beasts]

Blitzer: [gives one a huge spritz of spray] Take that! [blows the nozzles of the spray bottles]

Mucker: Guys, is the feud over?

Morley: Yes. As soon Blitzer admits, he took Ol' Painless.

Blitzer: I did, not!!

Morley: Stupid hood!

Blitzer: Moron smokebox!

Morley: Silver box!

Blitzer: Dog, lover!

Morley: Dog, lover?!

Mako: [growls] (as Arnold Schwarzenegger) SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[everyone looks at Mako]

Mako: (as Arnold Schwarzenegger) SHUT UP! Shut up! Shut up. [panting] [He opens his eyes and sees everyone staring at him, in an awkward way] Sorry. I couldn't take it anymore.

Zoe Trent: I wonder what happened to Morley's mini-gun anyway?

Eddy: Oh, I just remembered.

Edd: What?

Eddy: I took it.

[glass breaks]

Morley: What?

Eddy: See ya! [runs off]

Morley: [races after him] Eddy! Come back here!

Blitzer: GET BACK HERE, EDDY!! [races after him]

[The screen goes blalck at the episode ends]

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