These are the final two scenes in the Catscratch Adventures series.

The Final Battle

(The team arrive at Lazarus' fortress)

Mr. Blik: LOOK alive, my fine team, for we've made it to Lazarus' fortress..

Gordon: Ah well, TIME to charge me sword!

(Gordon quickly lifts his sword in the air, before an blinding light engulfs the sword as an whole)


(Gordon's sword becomes an staff)

Waffle: Oooh, SHINY!

(Gordon thrusts his staff in the air heroically)

Norbert: Zowie, it's a black cloud!

???: Well, Well, Well, YOU made it this far...

Harley: W-Wh-Who are YOU?

???: Ah, ya haven't met me yet...

(The unidentified voice turns into a cloud of black matter, which flies into Gordon)

(Gordon begins to scream in pain, as the creature takes over his body)

???: I am Lazarus!

(Lazarus flies out of Gordon's body)

Gordon: WHAT do ye want?

(Lazarus seriously stares at Gordon)

Lazarus: Oh nothing, I just want...

(An blot of lightning hits the team)

(The adventure team are now in an plasma-like cage)

Lazarus: IF you can defeat ME in my final form, your team will be free...

Rachel: UGH, just free me, so I can update my status!

Lazarus: IF I win, my dementors will turn your friends into my slaves!

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