Here's how the final duel scene goes in Revenge of the Giant Chicken.

[Chris runs up to a big room and sees Ernie standing his ground]


[Ernie moves away and there was Sunset]

Chris: Sunset...

Ernie: [force chokes her] Bow before me, or she'll die!

[Chris begins making a decision]

Chris: Wait... wait... [deactivates his lightsaber and falls to his knees] I... will do what you ask. Just let her go.

Ernie: That's a good boy. [releases her] Find and kill, Brian Griffin. If you refused, she dies.

[But as Ernie speaks Sunset grabs her lightsaber]

Ernie: You'll return to me, and give yourself to the Dark Side. If you resist, she dies. And then, you'll hunt down, and execute the remaining Jedi, if you fail, she dies!

[Sunset ignites her Lightsaber and prepares to strike Ernie, but he blocks it with his lightsaber and force pushes her out a the window and she lands hard]

["Last Battle!!" begins playing]

Chris: NO!!!!!! [Force grabs Sunset's Lightsaber and ignites his and her lightsaber and prepares to strike Ernie, but he ignites his other darksaber and blocks it, then he force grabs Chris and throws him outside and he comes outside] I'LL KILLL YOU!!!

Ernie: Rise above this, she means nothing! Embrace it!

Chris: I WILL KILL YOU!!!!

Ernie: If you wanna be the Jedi, so be it!


[The 2 charge and begin clashing the sabers, in different obstacles as the rain is pounding on them and with the thunder and lighting flashing all around them till they come to a blade lock]

Ernie: Your friends deaths will be slowly and painful. Even Princess Celestia's.

Chris: NO!!!! I WILL STOP YOU!!!!

[He destroys Ernie's darksaber and they continues their duel and come into another blade lock. But then Ernie grabs Chris' throat and throws him from the platform where the duel was taking place. Chris manages to grab onto the edge of the platform, and Ernie attempts to dislodge him by throwing his lightsabers at him repeatedly. Chris manages to catch one of the the lightsabers on it's fourth throw and tosses it back at Ernie, severing his right hand. The injury however, only momentarily distracts Ernie, who, after missing Chris with a backhand punch, Force pushes him across the platform and attempts to crush him with one of the pylons. Chris barely manages to hold it off himself, and raises another pylon from the platform. Ernie glances over at the second pylon, and Chris uses the distraction to toss the first pylon off himself. Using the Force, he causes the remaining pylons to release a huge amount of electricity, which he then absorbs and uses to blast an incredible amount of Force lightning at Ernie, finally subduing him]

[Back with Celestia and Barret, she prepares to kill him when she suddenly snaps out of her corruption]

Barret Barricade: Celly!

Princess Celestia: Barret. What happened?

Barret Barricade: It's a long story.

Princess Celestia: Ah!

Barret Barricade: What's wrong?

Princess Celestia: The filly, she's coming Barret!

[Back with Chris and Ernie, Chris points his Lightsaber at Ernie]


Ernie: Your feelings for your friends are not real.


[Just then some of the others come up]

Brian: Wait!

Chris: I want him dead after what he's done to me!

Lois: Yes, but not yet! Not until we can know his secrets.

Chris: You want him as a prisoner.

Meg: Too a hidden base, where we can interrogate him. Putting him on trials for destroying the Jedi. That will execute him, we can show him we don't need to fear him any longer!

Chris: But if I let him live... he'll hunt me forever.

Vinny: We can't help you with this, Chris. The choice is yours.

[After a small moment, Chris deactivates his lightsaber and goes to Sunset]

[Brian, Lois, Meg, and Vinny ignite their lightsabers around him]

Brian: Get something to hold him.

Rebel general: Yes, general!

[Then there was a beeping sound]

Peter: (on com link) Brian, the Clone Equines life pods have been destroyed. They won't be coming back soon, and... Celestia has already gone into labor.

[Chris runs to Sunset with K-2SO and BB-8 beside her]

K-2SO: I can't revive her, I'm sorry.

BB-8: [beeping sadly]

Chris: No, it's my fault. I wished this never happened.

[He kisses Sunset, but then she comes to life and kisses him back]

Sunset Shimmer: I knew there was goodness in you.

[The 2 smile and begin kissing again, as it zooms up and it sideswipes to the medical center]

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