Here's how the final duel scene goes in Vengeance & Rage!.

[Chris runs up to a big room and sees Alter standing his ground]


[Alter moves away and there was Sunset]

Chris: Sunset...

Alter: [force chokes her] Bow before me, or she'll die!

[Chris begins making a decision]

Chris: Wait... wait... [deactivates his lightsaber and falls to his knees] I... will do what you ask. Just let her go.

Alter: That's a good boy. [releases her] Find and kill, Brian Griffin. If you refused, she dies.

[But as Alter speaks Sunset grabs her lightsaber]

Alter: You'll return to me, and give yourself to the Dark Side. If you resist, she dies. And then, you'll hunt down, and execute the remaining Jedi, if you fail, she dies!

[Sunset ignites her Lightsaber and prepares to strike Alter, but he blocks it with his lightsaber and force pushes her out a the window and she lands hard]

Chris: (as Peter Parker) NO!!!!!! [Force grabs Sunset's Lightsaber and ignites his and her lightsaber and prepares to strike Alter, but he zaps Chris to the wall and knocks him out]]

[and there were was Puffer, Jenny, T.C. and Hugs (in equine forms)]

Alter: Oh, it's you 2. And my arch nemesis, Puffer and Jenny. And you brought Tucker and Hugs with you, how nice.

Hugs: We won't let you escape this time, Alter.

T.C.: Yes, indeed!

[the 2 then draw and ignite their Lightsabers]

Alter: At last, a fight that might actually be worthy of my time.

T.C.: Well, you're mine!

Puffer: No, T.C., wait!

[He and Alter begin dueling, however, Alter is too strong for T.C. to hold his ground as he then uses the Force to kick T.C. into the other wall causing an old TV to fall on T.C.'s left leg, breaking it!]


Hugs: T!

Alter: Hehehe, time to add salt to injury. [he force grabs his pistol and shoots him in the legs]


Hugs: (Is about to explode in angry but she holds it back and keeps herself from blowing up.) Oh, you really did it now you son of shank. You're gonna regret doing that! (lets out a yell as she charges ahead and hits the control panels and a opening to a walkway over the ocean opens up]

[Hugs then clashes sabers with Alter before he then grabs her and throws her through a window as Hugs goes smashing through the glass and lands on the tracks as Alter leaps out and knocks Hugs put as Puffer and Jenny then jump down and then Thomas, Twilight, Percy, and the royals come up]

Twilight: Mind if we join?

Puffer: Please.

Alter: Big deal! I can take on a couple of Equines, and a Train Prime all by myself!

Brian: Count me into this.

Alter: Well, look who decided to chime in.

Brian: You seem to forget something, Alter. While the Ed's can be able to fight Bradey, I can also fight you! (force grabs and ignites his Lightsaber)

[Soon they all begin dueling out with sabers hitting one another. And then, as their duel heads for the walkway leading over the ocean, as in the midst of the duel, Hugs manages to cut off the bottom half of Alter's saber! And then Chris comes to and sees T.C.!]

Chris: T.C.!

T.C.: Chris!

Chris: Oh God! (he then takes out a cloth and wraps the bullet wounds on T.C.'s legs) Where are they?

T.C.: Walkway over the platform, Thomas, Percy, The Sparkles, Royals, and Brian have joined in. You got to stop this Chris. You must help them destroy Alter or all is lost!

Chris: I will! And I shall make up for of what I've done!! [he looks out and sees the duel] ALTER!!!

[They look up]

Twilight: Chris!

Chris: (he then Force leaps from the platform and starts falling in slow motion as he ignites his saber and Sunset's saber and points them directly at Alter)

Alter: No, you don't! (fires several blasts of magic before Puffer shoves him at the last blast)

["Bumblebee's Death/Megatron's Fall" begins playing as the magic hits Chris in the chest killing him! As everyone watches it in horror. As Chris plummets from his spot as both sabers land on the grounf and Chris hits the ground next to Sunset's body]

Thomas: No. [looks at Alter] (as Optimus) NOOOOO!!!!!!

[Thomas then starts throw punches at Alter as the others and hit him with blunt objects, and then Shining Armor cuts off his horn]

Alter: AAAAHHHH!!!!!

[And then Twilight jumps up and spins around and delivers a strong kick to Alter's jaw sending him flying back as he hits the walkway but then he notices his saber]

[as the others slowly approach him as some of draw their pistols and cock them but then Alter Force repulses sending them flying back into the handrailling which breaks. Then they manage to grab the broken handrail as it dangles them dangerously over the ocean as the end of the railing still attached to the walk strains to hold their weight.]

Percy: We're gonna sink in the ocean!

[they yelp as the handrail pops more loose from the walkway]

Brian: I don't think nobody's gonna save us this time, guys! I guess this is the end!

Alter: [slowly gets up as he ignites his Lightsaber and looks down at them and laughs evilly] Prepare to join Darth Griffin, with the Force!

[he then raises his saber ready to cut loose the walkway railing when...]

????: ALTER!!!!

Alter: What? [he turns around but as, a saber igniting is heard and then we hear a loud hiss!] GRAHG!!

[We then see a yellow and green blade going right through Alter's chest and then the camera turns and there was Chris!]

Chris: You made me kill the Jedi. You will never make anyone kill anybody ever again!

Alter: No... (raises his saber, like he's about to strike Chris down but then he lets go as his saber goes falling and then it goes into the ocean and is destroyed. As Alter breaths hard and heavily before he lets out one last breath as his eyes roll into the back of his head, then slowly, Alter starts to tip backward and then slowly slides clear of the Lightsaber blade as he falls from the platform.]

[the other watch as Alter's lifeless body falls from the walkway and down into the ocean where it's sinking, finally ending the dangerous diesel engine of the Hiatt Grey Railway, for good.]

Puffer: Oh thank God.

Jenny: It's over, it's finally over.

[then they start slowly floating upward as Chris uses the Force to bring them back onto the platform]

[Then there was a beeping sound]

Peter: (on com link) Brian, the Clone Equines life pods have been destroyed. They won't be coming back soon.

[Chris runs to Sunset with K-2SO and BB-8 beside her]

BZ-7 (Buzz): I can't revive her, I'm sorry.

R5-K5 (Kratt): [beeping sadly]

Chris: No, it's my fault. I wished this never happened.

[He kisses Sunset, but then she comes to life and kisses him back]

Sunset Shimmer: I knew there was goodness in you.

[The 2 smile and begin kissing again, as it zooms up and it sideswipes to the medical center]