This is how The Fire Villains' defeats goes in The Crystal Empire Part 2.

[The Fire Villains are nearly done breaking the shield]

Fire Lord: Come on, put your backs into it!

Drilldozer: We're doing the best we can!

Nitroblast: It just needs to be hit once more.

Jetbug: But it'll take all of us at once to break it.

[The Fire Villains hit the shield together and it finally breaks]

Fire Lord: Finally!

Drilldozer: It's ours at last!

Nitroblast: Come on!

Jetbug: We need to find that Crystal Heart.

[They race into the Empire and begin their search]

[Twilight falls from the building]

Twilight Sparkle: You won't win.

Fire Lord: Once you taste the power, you can't stop it. Why is it that a lavender Alicorn like you chose the light side instead of the dark side when it can give you the strength and power you need to defeat your enemies?

Twilight Sparkle: My friends are not my enemies. They are why I chose the light side.

Fire Lord: Oh you don't understand, the dark side gives you all the energy you need to be who you are.

[Fire Lord picks up Twilight and holds her to his face]

Fire Lord: The dark side is what makes us who we are.

Twilight Sparkle: Come with us. We can help you.

Fire Lord: You misunderstand, the dark side makes us braver, stronger, and more determined. And we like it. And you will too once you've experienced it yourself.

[Drilldozer drills up to where Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are]

Drilldozer: Miss me, Rainbow Crash and Cluttershy?

Fluttershy: No one calls us that.

Rainbow Dash: So you can back off, Drilldozer.

Drilldozer: Oh, you're gonna be like that from now on, are you?

[Nitroblast and Jetbug climb where Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie are]

Nitroblast: It's three against two.

Jetbug: Relax, it'll be a cinch.

Applejack: Don't count on it, partner.

Rarity: We'll defeat you.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah.

[Drilldozer prepares to drill a hole in between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy]

Fluttershy: Wait!

Rainbow Dash: Your master wouldn't like that.

Drilldozer: Don't worry about it. I'm gonna take care of you both.

[A Hero Pod appears]

Drilldozer: What in bolt blazes?!

[Fire Lord sees Evo and Nex come out]

Stormer: Rookies? Celestia sent rookies?

[Evo and Nex get up and go over to Stormer]

Evo: [to Stormer] Permission to land a hand, sir?

Stormer: Permission granted.

[Evo runs at Fire Lord]

Fire Lord: What's this one suppose to do? Bore us to death?

[Evo starts moving slowly]

Drilldozer: What's the matter with this guy? He's going in slow motion.

Nitroblast: Wait. They're up to something.

[Evo strikes him]

[Fire Lord gets angry at his minions' defeats and runs to the Crystal Heart]

Fire Lord: You are not gonna take my fuel away from me!

[The heroes follow him and see him with the Crystal Heart]

Shining Armor: No!

Princess Cadance: We're too late!

[Fire Lord starts stealing the Crystal Heart's energy]

Fire Lord: I'm just getting warmed up.

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